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44mm mens watches are the best option

44mm mens watches are the ideal because of their size. It’s not easy to make something flawless. However, a guy watch size could be the one exception. It’s perfect. It’s great for your luxury watch and your daily sports watch.

Here’s our explanation of why the mens 44mm watches is the ideal size for many reasons.

Understanding Sizing in Men’s Watches

Before we discuss our reasoning we’ll discuss how men’s watches are sized. Men typically have the wrist size of 7.5 inches. Most men’s wrists measure somewhere between 7″ and 8″. This is the standard sizing to select the correct watch size.

The size of watches is determined by the case size – the width of the face of the watch from one side to the opposite side. Watches for women tend to be shorter then 38 millimeters (MM). Men’s can be 38 mm to 48mm. A 44mm watch face measures roughly 1.7″ across, which is a good proportion for a 7-8″ wrist size.

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This is normal for a masculine watch with a 44mm width. We are a fan of the 44mm mens watches, with a thickness of 10-12mm and a 22mm strap length. We think that the it is the perfect size for the majority of males. It’s not just due to how it appears on your hands however, there are different reasons too.

A note: The watch’s case design is important as well. A watch with a narrow face (like an oval around your wrist) tends to be shorter than 44mm. However, watches with round faces are the most popular. This is the reason we will be focusing on in this article.

There are a lot of articles on watches that provide various options to fit your wrist. They usually don’t give you the most suitable size. It’s a good option for nearly all men. Here’s what it is and why you should begin with an mens 44mm watches.

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It’s the perfect size to ensure that your watch will last a long time

It all begins with the durability. As a watchmaker, everything counts. When you make an aftro-smaller watch you have to make some choices. Glass isn’t as strong. Metal must be thinner too. How can you reduce the knob size?

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This level of precision is needed to achieve the size of men’s 40mm watches. Every decision comes with third and second order consequences. When we first made the first watches for tactical use we focused our attention to the endurance of the watch. Does it stand up to a lot of abuse? Does it behave when you knock it? And we discovered that one thing is true: A 44mm watch is the ideal size to reduce those bumps and allow the watch’s components to stand up to any bumps that may occur.

44mm mens watches, this watch isn’t large enough to cause you to smash it all over the place. It’s also strong enough to withstand several shots without breaking to pieces. For active men, it is essential to have strong watches to stand up to the force of a few hits.

The size of the watch for men that will fit your wrist

If you go over 44mm mens watches, the watch will begin to appear huge. Bulky. When you reach 40mm, your watch will begin to appear small. For most males, the 44mm watch is just the right size to complement your wrist and hands rather than appearing too large or small.

Are you looking for a watch that appears like it was made for the man? Look for that 44mm mens watches size. It will appear and feel masculine. Not too dainty. It’s not too big. A stylish watch without drawing attention since it isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

Find a timepiece that you can see

The dimension of a watch’s display can be directly related to the watch’s dimensions. If you design a smaller watch, you start losing the ability to read numbers. Most watches around 40mm diameter end up having only a couple of marks and hands. This is all they can be packed in and visible. Do not even think about the chronograph watches that small it will require an magnifying glass.

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Be sure to check your watch with a glance and see the time. This is the reason we enjoy a touch of illumination. Instead of requiring you to press a button, the slight flicker of light on the watch’s face eliminates the dark issue. The 44mm mens watches diameter is easily read even at a glance. It’s important, as it is made to display the time.

A watch’s heft is a sign of quality

The weight will be determined by various elements, the size. We begin by carving our watches using high-quality stainless steel, which means they’ll always have heavier than others. When you buy a watch for a man it is important to feel the watch’s weight in your hand. The weight of the quality will keep you aware that it’s there.

A well-made, heavy watch also has the impression of a better build. A high-quality, durable material can be used to build a good watch. Smaller watches usually do not have that feeling. They’re too thin. Too delicate to wear. This isn’t a good feature of wristwatches.

This is why 44mm mens watches are the most suitable for the daytime. It offers just the right amount of weight to ensure that your watch doesn’t feel too heavy or light.

Start with a 44mm mens watches

When you buy your first watch opt for a 44mm mens watch. The second or third choice could be a standard size. Don’t be tempted to play with it if you only have one in your collection. You require a watch that looks good and works flawlessly, is precise and doesn’t become damaged. 44mm mens watches size is the perfect size to begin. Even the most avid watch collector would be adamant.

Watch accessories are typically compatible with 44mm mens watches and more. You can thus update the look of your watch however you like. This is among the things we love about an 44mm mens watches.

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A final note: Avoid extreme shades if you’re looking to buy a basic watch. Some color can be nice but a watch that’s black fitted with stainless steel or a leather strap will go with everything. Choose an attractive color that doesn’t look strange when you’re in the office. Our top watch choice is the Atlantis Blackfish men’s tactical dive watch that can be worn for dives, or in other strategic situations. It looks nice enough to wear to the office. It’s a classic watch for everyday use. It’s also 44mm wide.

Determining 44mm Mens watches Size on Wrist

44mm Mens Watches

To determine the size of a wrist or watch sizes suitable for small wrists:

Take a measuring tool or a ruler that folds, and tie it to your wrist. Ensure that the ruler is not too tight or loose in your wrist before taking the measurement.

Once you have figured out the right size, it’s essential to determine the proportion of your wrist’s diameter and the diameter of your case. Therefore, you can answer the question:

what size watch is best on my wrist?

Consult these sizing guides:

<34mm Small
34mm – 38mm Medium
39mm – 42mm Standard
43mm – 46mm XL/ Oversize
>47mm XXL


If you’re a wrist that is small to typical sizes, pick an appropriate case size of 34mm 36mm, 38mm, 40mm or 42mm. If you’re wearing an oversized wrist, selecting larger cases between 44mm to 46mm is best.

<15cm (<6 inches) 34mm – 36mm (Small to Midsize)
15cm – 18cm (6 – 7 inches) 38mm – 42 mm (Midsize to Standard)
19cm – 20cm (7.5 – 8 inches) and above 44mm – 46mm (XL/ Oversize)


Are watches of 44mm too big to fit a wrist of 6 inches?

The simple response is yes. 6 inch wrists small to medium in diameter cases of 34-38mm. 7.5-7 7.5 inch wrist – Generally considered typical men’s size. 38-42mm will be the ideal size. 8 inches and greater A wrist considered to be large size.

Are big watches look tacky?

Yes, large watches are tacky. To avoid stickiness it is possible to wear smaller watches. However, if you’re comfortable with it then there’s nothing wrong to wear a few hefty watches.

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What watch size for men is too large?

The watches for men is usually between 38mm to 46mm in width. Anything greater than 46mm is perceived as too big.


After all this measuring, you might decide that your ideal timepiece doesn’t meet 44mm mens watches for size! It’s alright. Set a statement-making watch on a delicate wrist or decorate a huge wrist with something smaller and delicate. Your watch is your statement of style and personal taste and you might want to prove to the world that you’re not worried about the size.

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