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Luxury black owned watch company

In the event, “Luxury black owned watch company” that you’re on this blog, you can probably say that you’re a “watch guy” (or gal). As someone who is a part of lots of watch people and gals, I’ve noticed a common theme in those in the people who watch that is charming and never-ending.

The theme revolves around an ongoing positive, continuous support for each other.

If you’re a watch person (or gal) is aware that people in the watch industry are very supportive, collaborative and always celebrating our accomplishments and achievements.

In the world of watches there is a sense of belonging for everyone and plenty for everyone to win.

Today more than ever, it is important to show the same support and love to businesses owned by black people in the watch industry.

The following blog shines the spotlight on eight distinctly owned by Black people. Watch brands full of imagination innovativeness, innovation, and stunning quality.

The brands offer an array of straps, dials, materials, bracelets, and watch bands that will satisfy the most discerning tastes.

In reading about each brand’s history, you’ll find inspiring stories of triumph over adversity such as those of the founders behind Talley and Twine, fascinating background information about the history of Benjamin Banneker Watches, and the selfless charitable efforts of brands such as Asorock, SPGBK, and Vitae London.

Take a look at these and other amazing watch brands owned by Black people below:

Benson Watches

The founder Marcel Benson fell in love with watches when his mother purchased his first wristwatch (a Kenneth Cole product) when he was seven years old.

As he grew older, the collection of watches continued and eventually landed a lucrative job in the business world.

However, when he was unhappy with his job, he decided to take the risk and created his own watch company, Benson Watches. Benson thinks “time should be spent doing what you love” and we couldn’t agree more.

The watches have attractive bezels with various straps mentioned by GQ, The Huffington Post, PopSugar, and now in the Everest Journal. You must explore this brand!

Talley and Twine

Randy D. Williams relocated to Virginia with just one dollar when he lost his job Georgia. Always an entrepreneur since an early age, he realized the time was now to make a change which is when the concept to create Talley as well as Twine was created.

The first time he tried it, it was in a way as a hobby. Then after losing his full-time job, he faced the daunting decision of returning home tell his wife, who was then pregnant, that the plans to pursue full-time entrepreneurial.

This was the moment that Talley and Twine began to take off. According to their organization’s website, the name originates from an intersection located in Virginia that was previously the central point in an infamous, violent neighborhood.

Since the last few years the neighborhood has been completely rehabilitated and full of potential. The idea of a dark past which is now a brighter future resonates well for the company.

In Tally or Twine watches, you’ll always notice the number seven. Seven is a symbol of the seven days of the week and it also signifies that you should complete what you started.

Not only are Talley and Twine doing their best to live up to this ideal but they are active in various charitable causes and regularly contribute towards the local community.

The picture above is the 46mm Worley Chronograph M in Silver blue, gold and silver and retails at $235. (fun facts: Worley is the street in which Randy’s grandmother resides).

The brand provides a vast selection of dial colors, straps such as the nato straps, metal bracelets, and leather straps. It would be best if you took the time to look.

Benjamin Banneker Watches

Have you been aware of Benjamin Banneker? In the year Derrick Holmes started his watch brand, he was looking to pay tribute to an iconic African American man named Benjamin Banneker (1731-1806) who was born a free person and later became an astronomer inventor as well as a mathematician, surveyor almanac writer and farmer.

So first, he dismantled his friend’s pocket watch to study the mechanism. Then he began carving from wood, larger models of each part of the watch and the precise number of teeth in each gear and making sure the gears worked in tandem.

This led him to design a working wood clock, in 1753 which maintained a precise time and could strike the hours for more than 50 years!

Tragically, at the time of his son’s funeral, a mysterious fire (likely caused by arsonists) destroyed his woodshop , completely destroying his estate.

Nevertheless, the company pays tribute to the great Benjamin Banneker by integrating luxury wood into each clock and watch design. As a result, most Benjamin Banneker watches cost less than $1000 and are available through their website.


Chris, an United States Army Veteran and the creator of Seventeenth Chris, was one of seven kids and decided to reflect his family’s culture and beliefs into the name of the watch brand.

The brand was born following the inspiration of watches he observed during his two-year stay in Germany. After travelling through Europe and Africa He realized watchmakers were “more than just a beautiful way to tell time.

Watches represent something more profound. Statements that don’t require words. It’s a unifying communication system.” We agree with this statement! Since then, he’s been creating exquisite timepieces with reasonable costs.

Seventeenth watches are available at prices ranging from $75 to $200. We are grateful for his watches, his selfless dedication, and selfless service toward America. United States. Everest is a resounding thank you!


SPGBK was established with two African American fraternity brothers from an unassuming village in North Carolina with a passion for innovation, creativity and modernity.

They also love diversification. The name honors their passion for knowledge and study, so they wanted it to be a college-themed.

SPGBK is a shorter form of “spring break” and the colorful watches and watches can enhance any spring break adventure!

Apart from their super vibrant and exciting timepieces, an instant glance of their site or Instagram page will reveal that the company has charitable goals.

They aim to encourage young people and their peers to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship. Their watches are inexpensive, with prices ranging from $70 to $90!

Verdure Watches

Eddie Johnson, founder and owner of Verdure Watches, loved the exquisite timepieces worn by his grandfather and father like many of us in the world of watches.

The passion for sketching cartoons quickly evolved into designing watches and straps. According to Eddie Verdure, the word means “strength” and the New Jersey brand is focused on setting top standards in design, elegance, and comfortability.


Asorock Africa was established in the year 2000 by Nigerian American Ben Iroala and Zambian American Andrew Mutale who wanted to reduce the cost of retail of the popular brands and be deeply rooted and linked to the philanthropic community and Africa as a continent.

Both are avid collectors of watches and watch enthusiasts and wanted to provide something to the watch industry that still needed to be there.

If you investigate the Asorock brand, you’ll discover that a percentage of the earnings from each product sold through Asorock is used to construct an library and a child-youth center in an area in Nigeria.

The names of all supporters and donors will be engraved on the center in the building! It’s a wonderful way to thank them. Also, Asorock provides a wide selection of straps for watches, bracelets, dial designs, and colors for both women and men that range from $95 to $200.

Vitae London

Vitae London, founded by Claudia and William Adoasi, is based in London, England. When you look up their website, you’ll find their mission statement, “combine beautiful minimalist watch design with maximum social justice” which is incredibly important.

For example, each timepiece purchased by Vitae London provides an under-served child with two uniforms for school (required to attend African schools) and helps provide electricity to children in remote African regions.

Apart from creating beautiful timepieces, the majority watches from Vitae London watches are fully adjustable and interchangeable.

In addition, they’re made to feature an interchangeable strap and bezel that can be inserted effortlessly. The majority of watches are available at $150-$400 and is a reasonable cost for an item of wearable technology and contributing to improvement for children living in Africa.

Every timepiece you purchase at Vitae London provides an under-served child with two uniforms for school. Students who do not have uniforms are frequently rejected from schools. So Vitae London helps make education possible.

Advocacy and support for black owned watch companies is crucial in bringing about permanent changes for watchmaking.

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