Can Watches Be Engraved As A Perfect Gift?

Can Watches Be Engraved?

Giving gifts can be a complex process for even the most experienced of us. Planning and thinking takes a lot before we can even purchase the present. One of the most valuable items you can present to someone is a timepiece designed with care.
A stylish and functional timepiece that has been carefully selected can convey much about the person you are giving it to.


But, with the plethora of options on the market, choosing the right timepiece can be a challenge. However there are a lot of businesses that have custom-designed watches that can make a great personal gift. So, without further ado, we will examine some of the most popular brands that offer customized watches for men.

Can Watches Be Engraved As A Perfect Gift?

Before we dive to the main points, Here are a few of the primary reasons you should think about purchasing engraved watches for men you know.

1. Memorable and Thoughtful. One of the main reasons people opt for personalized gifts is that they is a lot of significance to the gifts. This, naturally applies to custom-engraved watches. The fact that a watch is specifically designed for the recipient will show the thought and effort that was put into the present, making it even more unique. This is a lasting gift than one that you buy out of the shop.

2. One-of-a-Kind. Another advantage of customized timepieces with engraving is that they indeed are unique. Any inscription you choose to imprint on your timepiece is distinctive because it reflects your relationship with the person you are gifting it to. So it doesn’t matter if it’s just initials or a memorable date the fact that it is permanently engraved on the watch is truly unique.

3. Tells a Story. Although many people prefer initials or names, you can also choose to engrave something special about how you relate to the person you are gifting it to. For example, you can select the word, phrase or an event that has significance for you both that could tell a story, or even trigger a memories for the recipient.

15 Custom Engraved Watches

1. Cartier Santos Dumont Ref. W2SA0011

View from the front of the front view of Cartier Santos Dumont Reference. W2SA0011 engraved watch for men.

We’ll first mention an item called the Cartier Santos Dumont Reference. W2SA0011 – an excellent choice for those searching for a luxury engraved male watches. Apart from its elegant design, this model is a perfect present thanks to its stunning tradition. A watch lover will love this model, considering it is part of a long-standing collection known for being one of the first timepieces for aviation.

The Santos de Cartier Watch is with a unique square-shaped case made of stainless steel. It measures 43.5mm and 31.4mm.

This is joined by the most lavish rose gold square bezel, and an alligator leather strap that is black. The dial is also elegant with a silver sunray-colored finish, striking blued steel hands, and thin elegant Roman numerals. The watch’s power source is an ultra-high-autonomy quartz movement with an impressive battery lifespan lasting about six years.

If you’d like to make the present something more personal You can take advantage of Cartier’s engraving service for free. This lets you write any name on the watch within a limit of 20 characters and in either cursive or regular typeface. At $5,900, this stylish gift would satisfy anyone.

2. Timex Weekender 40

View from the front of the Timex Weekender 40 watch.
Next up, we have our next watch, the Timex Weekender 40, an affordable and casual alternative to customized engraved watches for males.

In contrast to it’s predecessor, the Cartier Santos Dumont, this watch is much more relaxed and adaptable and is a great everyday watch. It’s a fantastic present for people on a tight budget who need something unique.

Apart from engraving your watch, you can completely customize the watch’s design from its front to the strap. The basic version of the Timex watch comes in the 40mm size of a brass case, coupled with an ecru nylon strap. It sports an black dial with the 24-hour format, and features solid and luminous hands.

Arabic numeral markers that have faded brown. On the back of the watch, you will find an unbreakable steel caseback where personal inscriptions are positioned. In the middle is a beautiful quartz movement responsible for every function.

The most significant part is that this personalized made watch for men will cost around $80.

3. Undone Type 20 Panda

View from the front of the Undone Type 20 Panda watch.
The second item on the list of men’s engraved watches are The Type 20 Panda, a beautiful model from Undone, a microbrand.

Undone. This is the perfect gift for those who love vintage-style, unique pilot watches. You could even personalize it to your preference. If you opt for this model you can choose selecting various colors for the exterior, and adding inscriptions on the case back and dial.

The Type 20 Panda watch is set in the 41.5mm stainless steel case with an brown leather strap. It sports the well-known panda-themed dial, featuring white backgrounds and two counters for the chronograph with black accents, which resemble the eyes of the panda.

The dial also features luminous, slim, sword-shaped hands and Arabic numeral markers set in an elongated black typeface. The watch’s motor is the Japanese TMI VK64 mechanical-Quartz hybrid Flyback Chronograph movement that ensures the highest level of precision.

For $330, you can buy your favorite family member, father brother, significant in this vintage-inspired men’s watches.

4. Vincero The Kairos

View from the front of the Vincero The Kairos watch.
Vincero The Vincero The Kairos serves as an elegant and timeless men’s wristwatch. It’s one of the most versatile watches we have listed and is perfect for those who prefer casual and smart-casual attire. It’s also a lovely simple watch, thanks to its minimalist design and subtle colors.

Contrary to the earlier engraved male watches discussed, Vincero charges a $43 for customization on this model. This allows you to add messages or words, within the limit of characters onto the back of your case.

The Kairos is available with a 42mm ion-plated steel case, in grey and a high-quality Italian belt in brown. The dial-in dark grey blends with the case and displays an elegant design, comprised of slim, luminous blunt hands, polished hour indices, and an oblique date window at 3 three o’clock. The watch runs the Citizen Miyota Quartz movement, guaranteeing the highest quality and reliability.

With a price of just $160 This watch is sure to be admired by those lucky enough to see it.

5. Breitling Superocean Automatic 44 Ref. A17367021I1A1
The front view of Breitling’s Superocean Automat 44 Ref. A17367021I1A1 watch.

Fifth on our checklist is Breitling Superocean Automatic 44 Ref. A17367021I1A1 is an imposing and unique luxury watch that may make the perfect gift for a family member or someone special to you. The Breitling Superocean watch is distinctive by its sporty and fun style.

Although it is a customizable watch for men, Breitling provides free engraving services, allowing you to select between the letters (a maximum of three letters)) or numerals.

The Ref. A17367021I1A1 sits in the 44mm stainless steel case paired with a polished three-link wristband and a rotating bezel with the black elapsed timescale insert. The dial displays a vivid yellow hue that catches the eye.

In addition, the dial is decorated with bright hour indices Arabic numeral markers with a sword-shaped gray dial and an o’clock window for the date at 3 hours. The timepiece is driven by the self-winding inside Breitling 17 Caliber.

At $4,500, this is the ideal gift to the youthful person in your life who is a fan of athletic style.

6. Skagen Melbye Three-Hand Date Ref. SKW6785

View from the front of the Skagen Melbye Three-Hand Date. SKW6785 watch.

One of the most sleek and customized watches for men you can present to your loved ones can be the Skagen Melbye Three-Hand Date Ref. SKW6785. This budget-friendly timepiece has an authentic Scandanavian design, ideal for any casual look.

Additionally, should you desire to have the words or messages written to the front of the watch, you can make it happen for free. This model is also eco-friendly gifts since it is constructed from recyclable materials.

The Skagen watch has an stainless steel case of 40mm comprised of 50% recycled material and an brown eco-leather strap. It is paired with a simple grey dial which features a unique layout, luminous sword hands, hour indices in silver along with Arabic numeral markers and a 60-minute chapter ring with a light blue color, and an indication of the month’s date in silver.

Inside the watch, you will find a highly sturdy SR621SW battery, contributing to the price’s affordability.

If you’re seeking an affordable, yet attractive gift, you could find this for just $135.

7. Fossil Bronson Chronograph Black Ref. FS5712

The front view shows the Fossil Branson Chronograph black ref. FS5712 watch.

The strong, well-constructed Fossil Bronson Chronograph Black Ref is the next watch on the list of men’s watches with engraving. FS5712. This is the perfect watch to give someone who is a fan of strong, masculine designs. Similar to the model before it is also possible to have the caseback engraved if you would like to add a unique design to your present at no cost.

The Fossil watch has the massive 50mm ion-plated steel band and case and comes in a tricky black shade. On the right-hand side of the case is a strong crown and two pushers, which contribute to the bulky design and feel.

The dial is black. watch matches its black theme and is adorned with thick, luminous sword-shaped hands. sharp Arabic numeral markers, hour indexes, a date window, and an indicator for the chronograph with three black counters. The watch runs on an extremely precise battery SR920SW.

At $200, this watch for men is a fantastic option for the demanding and reliable person in your life.

8. OMEGA Seamaster 300 Ref.

View from the front of the OMEGA Seamaster 300 Ref. watch.
The OMEGA Seamaster 300 Ref. is slightly different from the men’s watches with engraved engravings we’ve previously listed. In contrast to the majority of suggested models in this list it is possible to get an engraving on the strap of this model, not on the case.

OMEGA gives you the option of either a four-letter word or an inscription of a time (in the form of numbers) on the watch’s adjustable strap.

The OMEGA Seamaster watch is set in the 41mm yellow gold case accompanied by an ovonappa strap and unidirectional bezel, which has the black elapsed time scale. The watch also has a sand-blasted dial, featuring luminous arrow-headed dials as well as triangular hour indices made from lustrous silver and 18K gold.

On the bottom on the back of the case, you’ll view a transparent case back that gives you a closer look at the auto-winding Caliber OMEGA 8401 inside.

If you’re looking for an stunning and impressive custom-made gift You can purchase this watch for about $20,500.

9. Nomos Glashuette Metro 38 Ref. 1109

View from the front from the Nomos Glashuette Metro 38 Reference. 1109 watch.

Then we’ll look at The Nomos Glashuette Metro38 Ref. 1109 with its clean and minimalistic look reminiscent of the Bauhaus. This is an excellent choice for those who love contemporary, but highly adaptable designs as it will fit with nearly any look.

If you’d like to personalize it, you can get engravings on the caseback with up to four pages (limited up to 22 characters for each line) for an additional cost of $60.

The Nomos Glashuette watch is housed in the slim 38.5mm stainless steel casing with an Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan strap with a black. It has a white, silver-plated, galvanized dial with slim stick hands, basic black and blue hour indices with dots, tiny Arabic numerals to indicate the 60-minute track, and a small seconds sub-dial with a bright red hands at 6 at 6.

In the middle of this minimalist and subtle exterior, is an in-house manually wound Alpha Caliber. It is joined through 17 jewels. This caliber comes with a powerful battery of 43 hours.

It is possible to purchase this personalized Nomos Glashuette Metro men’s watch at around $2,610.

10. Nixon Regulus Ref. A1180-001-00

View from the front of Nixon’s Regulus. A1180-001-00 watch.
The next item on our list of top men’s engraved watches is The Nixon Regulus Ref. A1180-001-00. It’s a unique and interesting gift choice because it’s a completely digital clock, ideal for those who value the latest technology and durability above other things.

For just $15 USD you could make the caseback inscribed with any message you’d like that is limited to the length of two paragraphs (13 characters for each line).

The Nixon watch comes with an elegant 46mm stainless steel black case with a swing-free TPU 80-band. The digital dial shows an individual high-contrast LCD that displays the watch’s various functions, like what time it is, day as well as alarms, date and many other functions. This dial is also fitted with a backlight that will illuminate the face of the watch for best readability when it’s dark.

The functions are controlled by the buttons on the front and side of the case. It was driving the Nixon Regulus Ref. A1180-001-00 is a customized digital LCD module equipped with shock-proof features, which increase the watch’s longevity.

This sturdy Nixon Regulus timepiece is one of the most budget-friendly choices in this selection. It retails for the estimated price of $190.

11. Solios The Solar Black

The front view of Solios The Solar Black watch.
Solutions The Solar Black Solios The Solar Black is an alternative that is minimalist and can be used as a watch for everyday use. If you’re searching for men’s watches with engraved design, The Solios Solar Black is one of the most popular models on the market. For a more personal touch you can pay an additional $20 to get engravings on the case back.

The Solios watch features an oversized 40mm rose gold-plated steel case by slim lugs, and an ecru mesh bracelet constructed from the same material. It’s strikingly different from the dial in black, which is a simple design with only the tiniest hour indices and small stick hands crafted from rose gold.

However, despite the simple design of the watch’s exterior it’s equipped with a stunning solar-powered caliber. This mechanism lets you recharge your timepiece by opening it to either artificial or natural sunlight.

If the person who will receive your gift is a fan of the environment, they’ll surely appreciate this environmentally friendly engraved men’s watch. But, unfortunately, it is priced at around $300.

12. Suunto 9 Peak

View from the front of Suunto 9 Peak watch. For something different, take a look at a personalized smartwatch with engraving. Suunto 9 Peak Suunto 9 Peak is a gorgeous, high-tech, smartwatch that you can completely personalize based on the recipient’s preferences.

You can choose between selecting the case and the bracelet that this model comes with and get an individual engraving. It is among the top gifts you could give to someone who loves practicality and tech.

The standard version of the Suunto watch comes with the 43mm granite titanium blue case with black microfiber strap, making it remarkably light in construction. The stylish digital dial, with useful touchscreen features, allows you to open a myriad of functions, including four-hour activity tracking, navigation and weather, sports modes and many other features.

The Suunto 9 watch runs on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, lasting around 14 days using time-based mode.

For just $750, it is possible to purchase this personalized watch for men with the most advanced features.

13. Swatch SXY New Gent

Front view of the front of the Swatch SXY New Gent watch.
Swatch New Gent Swatch SXY New Gent is an affordable and flexible option geared towards those looking for something more exciting and wild. Swatch provides a wide range of customizable watches via the Swatch x You platform.

With Swatch x You, users can choose a specific style and movement from a preset list of watches to create the perfect watch, specifically for you. There is also the possibility of engraving the word or phrase you want to write on the back of the case, making it a more memorable present.

For example, this Swatch SXY New Gent model shown above comes with a white plastic case and strap, all over with an original and unique Street Stories design. The transparent dial lets users see the mechanical mechanism that runs within. Apart from that there are simple hour markers and slender hand-painted silver dials.

If you’re looking for a unique engraved watch for men, the timepiece is available at an estimated $145 USD.

14. Wood watch French Oak Wine Barrel

View from the front from the Wood watch French Oak Wine Barrel watch.

Wood watch French Oak Wine Barrel Wood watch French Oak Wine Barrel is undoubtedly among the more distinctive timepieces in this collection of men’s watches with engraving. It features a distinctive exterior that entices those who have a sustainable lifestyle.

However, if you’d like an personalized inscription, you’ll need to shell the additional amount of $25 USD to have the message such as date, time, or other symbol inscribed upon the cover.

The Wood watch comes in the 41mm stainless steel case with a natural wood case and a bracelet from the same materials. The black dial has a simple design, featuring luminous, blunt hands, small hour indices, and easily read Arabic numeral markers. It also comes with a spacious calendar at 3 three o’clock. An efficient Miyota 2115 Quartz movement controls the timepiece.

Wood watch French Oak Wine Barrel Wood watch French Oak Wine Barrel sells for around $350.

15. Revolo Classic

View from the front of the Revolo Classic watch.
Then, but not least, We offer our Revolo Classic, an other timepiece that you can completely customize to your preferences. There is the option of choosing the following details:

the material of the case, the dial color, bracelet style the movement, dial design, and so on. In addition you can also purchase an individual engraving on the back of the case with words or numbers, or an image.

The Revolo Classic piece shown above is an stainless steel case of 43mm and a leather strap. The dial is black, has the basic layout, and features the luminous sword-shaped dial as well as slim hour markers round Arabic numerals and an o’clock window for the date at 3 hours.

The dial style is like the lavish vintage-inspired Panerai Luminor watch. The watch is also running on the reliable Miyota 821A Calibe with top-of-the-line Japanese manufacturing

For just $450 USD you could purchase the simple engraved watch for men.

Final Thoughts

Can Watches Be Engraved As A Perfect Gift? After looking through these customized watches for men, you will see that the watchmaking business is among the top industries you can explore for personalized gifts and items.

Although opinions vary regarding the importance of personalized engraved watches for men, they are undoubtedly significant gifts. So, when searching for an original gift, return to this post and look at the recommended personalized watches for men!

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