Tudor vs Rolex | How The Models & Brands Compared

Tudor vs Rolex

Tudor vs Rolex A few of the most interesting reviews in the world of watches are those between Tudor vs Rolex models. This shouldn’t come as a shock since Tudor has been part of Rolex as well. occasionally Rolex DNA is transferred to Tudor brand. The first company, Rolex, is built and sold to the luxury market, while another, … Read more

Rolex Batman GMT Master II Review

Rolex Batman GMT Master II Review

Rolex Batman GMT Review The topic of the day is Rolex Batman GMT Master II Review. This Rolex Batman GMT is one of the most sought-after Rolex timepieces and also one of the least accessible models as well. Although, the stainless steel model offers a 24-hour GTM the bezel is black and half blue which evokes … Read more

Why Is Hublot Hated? 5 reasons

Why Is Hublot Hated?

Why Is Hublot Hated? Today, Our Best topic is Why Is Hublot Hated? Watch collectors tend to choose their favorite watches based on their tastes. They have preferences for movements and designs and what they consider to be worth the money. However, there is a shared dislike of Hublot watches within the community. Watch collectors hate … Read more