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Green Dial Rolex Datejust Review

Lets discuss the topic, “Green Dial Rolex Datejust Review”. If there’s a colour that members of the Rolex community cannot have enough of that color is green. Green is the most recognizable color that is synonymous with Rolex and every time a watch has featured it has become a classic.

The last time we attended Watches & Wonders in London, which is where Rolex introduced their 2022 models that we were able to see the new 41mm and 36mm Datejust collection receive the famous Rolex green with a stunning sunburst dial.

Apart from the blue dials it appears that the Green Dial Rolex Datejust could become the initial step for the company to investigate more color alternatives.

It’s almost like a joke that every the year Rolex makes subtle, but surprising changes to their collection. It was a surprise to many that almost everyone requested that the Datejust men’s watches come with a green dials.

It was awe-inspiring to witness that the Green Dial Rolex Datejust released since it seems that the brand listened to feedback directly from the public.

Let’s talk about the watch. Based on my personal experience, over the years I’ve had the most recent datejust41 I can attest to the durability as well as the comfort and overall happiness of this Collection of Datejust watches offers.

Unfortunately, I sold mine but I’ve been regretting the decision since. What is unique about the Datejust unique is the fact the fact that it has a design to suit everyone.

You can look glam with the Jubilee and fluted bezel , or more delicate by using the Oyster bracelet and a smooth bezel. They are suitable for casual or dressy settings and will surely be stunning all the time.

Other than Submariner Submariner The Datejust stands out as the more well-known watch of all time as its style has been unchanged since its beginning.

The green Rolex Datejust, one of the sizes, 41mm or the 36mm will carry on the torch of many models that have earned the confidence and trust that has raised the brand to the level that it is present.

Available Configurations

This Green Dial Rolex Datejust is available in eight different configurations that differ according to size of case, bezel and bracelet style. The case sizes are 36mm and 41mm. The and the bracelets that are available are those of the Oyster and Jubilee and bezel types can be fluted in white or stainless steel.

Each configuration offers a distinct style that is sure to be suitable for all who is interested in the green Rolex Datejust. Let’s take a look at the possible configurations available to Datejust from the Green Dial Rolex Datejust below.

In-House Calibre 3235

The movement that is automatic that powers those Green Rolex Datejust watches is the internal calibre 3235. The 3235 is one of the modern Rolex movements, which comes with 70-hour power reserve, enhanced anti-magnetic resistance, improved shock absorption and COSC certification.

Bracelet Options

The Datejust is renowned as one of the top in terms of design, construction and comfort and design. We were thrilled to learn that Rolex has decided to introduce this new Green Rolex Datejust in both the Oyster and Jubilee bracelets.

It’s the Oyster bracelet can be a more sporty alternative, and all, while Jubilee is more of a traditional dress option. Whatever you decide to go with, it’s impossible to go wrong with. Have owned Rolex watches that have two different bracelet styles and both are perfect for what they do and neither is superior to either.

Green Dial Datejust Pricing & Availability

The cost of the Green Datejust Rolex starts at $7250 MSRP on the 36mm stainless steel reference, up at $10,000 MSRP on the stainless steel 41mm white gold fluted version of the bezel.

Expect to be seeing that Green Rolex Datejust hit authorized dealers in spring 2022. However, we don’t expect seeing them inside cases for sale. Presently, there’s a shortage of Rolex watch models and waiting lists are typical for all models. If you are buying a watch with the famous Rolex green color, anticipate long waitlists that can extend for up to two years.


Case Material Oystersteel
Case Size 36 & 41
Movement Perpetual, mechanical, self-winding
Calibre 3235
Precision -2/+2 sec/day
Bracelet Jubilee & Oyster
Bezel Smooth & Fluted
Crystal Sapphire
Water Resistance 100 meters or 330 feet
Crown Screw Down


Overall, I am extremely excited over my excitement about the Green Rolex Datejust. The introduction of more colors into their collections is an approach that’s rewarding Rolex and it’s going to be exciting to find out how far they can go with the idea. If you do not remove all the Rolex Green Dial, both the Datejust 41 and 36 are dream watches that can easily form a complete collection of watches. If you’re fortunate enough to purchase one of these watches, congratulations to you. It’ll be a source that’s an instant classic, and one that will continue to appreciate its value for many years to the future.

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