How Much Tudor Price increase 2022?

Tudor Price increase 2022

Tudor watches are priced between $1,900 MSRP to $16,825 MSRP, with the median price of the Tudor watch at $4,200 MSRP. As a result, the demand has risen dramatically for Tudor watches as the price is lower than what most buyers would anticipate, thus making them value watches.

There’s a designed strategy to determine the price is a Tudor watch will cost. Tudor is owned by Rolex and is utilized by Rolex to offer watches at a less expensive price than the ones they currently retail at. It’s taken some time, but Tudor is presently in full swing. Many of their collections have waitlists that resemble Rolex list of waitlists.

Do Tudor watches increase in value

Tudor does two things exceptionally well. First, make high-quality watches, and then price them accordingly. Both have provided a an opportunity to allow long-term worth for their product, which, in turn, creates Tudor watches more valuable than other brands in the market.

Many Tudor watches are as challenging to find as Rolex and some are even sold at a premium in the second-hand market.

2022 Rolex price increase list For All Models & References

In this article, we have listed all of the Tudor collection watches, the prices in sorted order for each reference, and the Tudor’s website to read more about each model.

How Much Is A Tudor Black Bay 58

The most well-known Tudor model is Black Bay 58. The Tudor Black Bay is priced between $3,800 and $16,825 and $3,800 MSRP. More expensive Black Bay 58 watches are constructed of gold or silver.

The Reference model M79030N has been widely regarded as the most sought-after item in the assortment and is available at $3,800 MSRP.

The Tudor Black Bay 58 was made available, it instantly was the focus of the watch industry. Even with the latest Tudor 2022 price hike, this Black Bay 58 is one of the most affordable watches available today.

Reference M79030B $3,800

Reference M79030N $3,800

Reference M79010SG $4,400

Reference M79012M $4,625

Reference M79018V $16,825

How Much Is A Tudor Black Bay Chrono

There was a time that Tudor Black Bay Chrono watches were readily available. Tudor Black Bay Chrono watches were easily accessible. But that’s not the case any more. With the release of the M79360N, a new white and black dial reference and the M79360N black and white dial reference, a Tudor Black Bay Chrono is almost impossible to locate at MSRP. The waitlist is currently between 6 and 18 months.

The Tudor Black Bay Chrono costs $5,325 MSRP for the stainless steel reference, and $7,250 MSRP for two tone gold and steel.

Reference M79360N White Dial $5,325

Reference M79360N Black Dial $5,325

Reference M79363N $7,250

How Much Is A Tudor Pelagos

The Tudor Pelagos is an excellent example of a watch that’s strong as nails and can amaze you with its appearance and performance. The titanium-crafted, massive and highly legible watch is an absolute must-have for thrill seekers and adventurers alike.

Tudor Pelagos pricing starts at $3,900 MSRP for the Marine Nationale FXD edition. After that, it is $4,725 MSRP on the traditional black and blue dial/bezel reference.

Reference M25707B/22 $3,900

Reference M25610TNL $4,725

Reference M25600TN $4,725

Reference M25600TB $4,725

How Much Is A Tudor Black Bay GMT

It is often the case that Tudor is in a different direction from Rolex however it seems as if they have dipped their toes in the pond of their larger brother. To be brief the watch was a huge success! It was a huge success! Tudor Black Bay GMT immediately increased the number of waitlists seen on the Tudor watch. Many buyers were unable to get grip on the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi therefore the only option left was the Tudor variant of Pepsi.

Tudor Black Bay GMT Tudor Black Bay GMT costs $4,175 MSRP with its stainless steel strap, but can be as low as $3,850 MSRP for the leather or nato strap.

Reference M79830RB $4,175

How Much Is A Tudor Black Bay 36/41

The Tudor Black Bay 36 & 41 watches are regarded as the most basic of tools watches that Tudor manufactures. Many people have been comparing them with the Explorer collection due to their numerous similarities. It is possible to see the way they compare with our deep study.

Black Bay 36/41 is an essential sturdy, durable, and reliable stainless-steel watch used in everyday life. The thing that people love about this watch is the fact that they can enjoy Swiss luxury , and while doing so, be invisible while wearing it.

The price begins at $3,050 MSRP for the 36mm references, $3,275 MSRP for 41mm references and 4100, or $4,000 MSRP on the two tone references.

Reference M79500 Blue Dial $3,050

Reference M79500 Silver Dial $3,050

Reference M79500 Black Dial $3,050

Reference M79540 Blue Dial $3,275

Reference M79540 Silver Dial $3,275

Reference M79540 Black Dial $3,275

Reference M79503 $4,100

Reference M79543 $4,200

How Much Is A Tudor Royal

Tudor Royal Tudor Royal is a mix of a dress and sport watch. The collection was recently launched with a range of different styles and styles. Some have the day/date feature and others have just the date. There are a variety of dials and material choices and.

Tudor Royal collection Tudor Royal collection is priced between $2,250 to $3,450 MSRP. The main factors that affect the price of these watches include cases, case materials, the complexity, and the use of diamonds.

Reference M28400 $2,250

Reference M28500 $2,325

Reference M28600 $2,375

Reference M28403 $3,350

Reference M28503 $3,400

Reference M28603 $3,450

How Much Is A Tudor Black Bay

The watch considered to be the reason for the current rising recognition for Tudor can be the Black Bay. This collection was the source of all other versions of the Black Bay collection.

The prices for the references which cost $3900 MSRP are available in the blue, red, or black bezel. In addition, special editions such as The Black Bay Ceramic are still available that cost $4,825 MSRP.

Reference m79230n $3,900

Reference m79230b $3,900

Reference m79230r $3,900

Reference m79210cnu $4,825

How Much Is A Tudor 1926

The vintage-inspired Tudor 1926 model is a chic and elegant dress watch and priced less than you’d expect. This is one of those watches that you’d be stunned if you knew its value after handling it.

Its Tudor 1926 collection is priced at $1,900 MSRP, and maxes at $3,100 MSRP for two-tone models. At this price, a Tudor one, which is a prestigious Swiss timepiece, is not something you can pass up. Particularly if you’re into the look of a vintage dress watch.

Reference M91450 $1,900

Reference M91550 $1,950

Reference M91650 $2,000

Reference M91451 $3,000

Reference M91551 $3,050

Reference M91651 $3,100

How Much Is A Tudor Style

It’s not a hidden this: it’s no secret that the Tudor Style closely resembles the Rolex Datejust. It’s necessary to pay attention to the fluted bezel and how it looks similar to the Datejust’s larger brother. In conclusion it is a great watch to own. Tudor Style is a fantastic watch available for less than the datejust. What most Tudor Style fans enjoy about the watch is its cleaner dial, diamond dials that can be added, and a stainless steel fluted bezel, and they are very affordable.

Tudor Style watches are priced between $2,475 and $3,575 MSRP. They are readily available through authorized dealers. The stainless steel reference with flutes that are the most well-known, cost $2,675 MSRP, while the two-tone fluted bezel reference costs $3,575 MSRP. Overall, you get much value in these watches that provide everything that Tudor as a brand stands for.

Reference M12500 $2,475

Reference M12700 $2,575

Reference M12510 $2,575

Reference M12710 $2,675

Reference M12503 $3,300

Reference M12513 $3,400

Reference M12703 $3,450

Reference M12713 $3,575

How Much Is A Tudor Glamour

It is worth noting that the Tudor Glamour Collection is available in 38mm and 36mm, making them the smallest of the collections that Tudor makes. These watches for dress provide the most sparkle compared to the 1926 and Style displays.

The price of these watches differs from the typical for the Tudor collection. The entry-level Glamour models start at $2,800 MSRP. Then, they increase towards $6,200 MSRP.

For many, the Glamour is the watch for dress that is the preferred preference in Tudor because it features something that other dress watches do not have and that’s an in-house chronometer that is certified by the company.

Reference M56000 $2,800

Reference M55003 $3,475

Reference M55003 $3,525

Reference M57100 $3,575

Reference M56003 $3,800

Reference M57103 $4,625

Reference M55020 $5,875

Reference M55023 $6,200

How Much Is A Tudor Heritage Chrono

A few of the more unique chronographs on the market are The Tudor Heritage Chrono. The 45-minute clock the distinctive vintage look in black or blue. Both models are priced at $4,525 MSRP. They are also one of the most challenging Tudor watches to buy.

Reference M70330B $4,525

Reference M70330N $4,525

How Much Is A Tudor Heritage Advisor

The Tudor Heritage Advisor is a watch that is equipped with incredible technology. For example, the watch can countdown timers that can notify the user upon the end of its set. The ability to purchase a watch such as this for the price of $6,225 MSRP, is uncommon.

Reference M79620TC $6,225

Reference M79620T $6,225

Reference M79620TN $6,225

Commonly Asked Questions

Do Tudor Watches Hold Their Value?

Tudor watches are better than other brands at conserving their value. As a result, some models are sold for higher prices or even above MSRP on the second-hand market.

Does Rolex Still own Tudor?

Tudor was founded in the late 1950s by Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex. Both brands are linked and benefit significantly from synergies they share. Tudor is part of Rolex and will remain so for a long time.

Are Tudor Watches Any Good?

Tudor manufactures quality Swiss watches. The watches are made for casual wear and function as tool watches. Tudor watches are designed and priced according to the procedures they’ll be used for.

Are Tudor Watches The Same As Rolex

Tudor watches are different from Rolex. While Tudor is a great name, Rolex is superior. Tudor is a great brand, but it does benefit from shared synergies, such as capital for human and financial equipment and brands’ proximity.

Is Tudor A Luxury Brand

Undoubtedly Tudor is a luxury name. Even though their watches were designed to be tools, they can be classified as a premium brand. They might not be the highest point on the luxury ladder, but they’re still part of the premium watch market.

Are Tudor Watches Expensive?

Tudor watches are renowned as a quality watch than a costly watch. Because of the high-end quality Tudor provides they tend to be more affordable than other well-known brands.

Is Tudor Cheaper Than Rolex?

Rolex is costlier than Tudor watches and does in a designed way. However, Tudor belongs to Rolex and is priced strategically so that it can be sold at a lower cost than its older sibling.

What Is The Most Expensive Tudor Watch?

Most expensive Tudor model is called the Black Bay 58 18k gold watch. The watch is priced at $16,825 which is much higher than the average Tudor watch.

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