How To Become A Watch Designer? Complete Guide

How To Become A Watch Designer?

Watchmakers oversee the creation of a watch from beginning to finish, which is the ideal job for many watch enthusiasts. How can you get started as a designer of watches?

This comprehensive guide will outline the various routes you can follow to begin your career in watch design.

Let’s get started!

Route 1: Watch Designer Course

Learning about the design of watches or horology generally is a way to be a designer.

This route is suitable to those who prefer structure and routine. Since it is a clear set of milestones that you need to meet before you can be considered an timepiece designer. Furthermore, it allows you to connect with other watch lovers, creating the creation of a great community.

However it’s crucial to remember that courses in watch design can be expensive, making them not affordable to everyone. Additionally the courses usually combine practicality with academics. If you’re not a fan of this aspect, you may have to start a new course.

Here are a few examples of top institutions offering watch designing training:

British School of Watchmaking

The school is located in Manchester The British School of Watchmaking provides two horological classes that aid to educate budding designers.

The first is the one-year WOSTEP 1800 Hour Program that concentrates on the skills like maintaining and enclosure. The cost of this course is P11,200.

The second choice would be to take an alternative to the WOSTEP 3000 Hour Programme. This is a 2-year programme that focuses on preparation for work. To enroll in this course, you’ll be required to pay PS20,200 total.

British Horological Institute

Close to Upton, Merseyside, we have the famous British Horological Institute.

To participate, enroll for PS120 annually and gain access to amazing tools, including the Horological Library.

The institute offers a variety of classes, including the Diploma for Clock and Watch Servicing and Diploma in the Repair, restoration and conservation of Watches and Clocks.

Both courses require that you pass exams to be able to complete the course.

Birmingham City University: Horology

Then, Birmingham City University offers an undergraduate degree in Horology that is three years long. The program focuses on areas like watchmaking historical background and, most importantly, the design of watches.

Amazingly, they have a partnership together with Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. So their 100% customer satisfaction rate should come as no surprise.

To be accepted into this PS9,250 per year program You must have an absolute minimum of 112. UCAS tariff points earned in a minimum of two A-levels.

Route 2: Apprenticeship

If you’re looking for more direct experience as a watch designer alternative is to complete an apprenticeship.

Watch designer apprenticeships enable you to learn from experts in a personalized manner. Through one-on-one sessions and hands-on experience, you can witness how watch design takes place in real life.

The issues that arise could also be common to the profession of watchmaking, in which the educational experience of a university can be considered more academic.

As an apprentice, you’ll experience the true role of a watch face designer prior to even have that first position in the field.

It’s a challenge to to watch designer apprenticeships today. Therefore, it’s not an option for everyone.

But, IWC Schaffhausen clearly recognise the importance of apprenticeships, as they offer many of them, such as their Technical Designer program, which lasts for four years. It requires that you be aware of your surroundings as well as patient and focused.

Skills Needed To Become A Watch Designer

When you’ve finished your studies or apprenticeship, you’ll be an knowledgeable about all things watches: customized watch designs, innovative designs for watches, innovative design concepts for watches and more.

However, simply knowing how to create an timepiece from scratch won’t be enough to be able to compete with other companies.

The Soft skills which are very crucial are:

Attention To Detail

Watch design requires concentration on the details since you’re dealing with tiny parts of the watch. You must ensure that your design is exactly as you intended it to be.

Problem Solving

It is evident that working using watches can be a bit complicated and issues are likely to develop. It is essential to are aware of how to prepare for these issues and then how to resolve the issues.


In the end, designing watches is an exciting job. Watch designers should be inundated with concepts to create the most popular watches available in the market.

How To Secure A Watch Designer Job

If you’ve learned the fundamentals and soft skills required to be a successful watch designer You’re probably thinking about what you can do to get a job in this field.

After you have completed obtained your apprenticeship or university qualifications You can then become an official participant in the British Watch and Clockmakers Guild, The Worshipful Company of Watchmakers and the British Horological Institute.

Then, you can begin making applications for jobs! Or, you can take on freelance work, but it’s best to do this after you’ve gained a couple of years of working experience within your watch designing industry.

The pay for watch designers is approximately PS30,000/year that can reach upwards of PS70,000 based on experience and the credibility of the company.

Now You Know How To Become A Watch Designer

As you will discern, there’s a variety of choices to choose from in order to be able to qualify as a designer of watches.

If you’re aiming for the school system or an apprenticeship There’s a straightforward path to follow to become a watch designer.

If you’re a watch enthusiast who is creative and observant We strongly suggest that you investigate this field further.

Particularly, we keep women readers on our mind because women who design watches are a rare breed.

How To Become A Watch Designer? As you think about your options as a designer, you should study different brands of watches to get ideas for your design.

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