How to change a pocket watch battery? Easy Description

How to change a pocket watch battery?

A complete review about How to change a pocket watch battery? Like many others use their cellphone to keep track of Time. When I’m not checking my phone during the day while working on some historical show, I can tell the Time with an electronic pocket watch.

Sometimes, I’ll wear a woman’s jewellery like this one simply for its sake, or because I require a long enough necklace to wear with my outfit. Another benefit to using the watch necklace is that it’s a bit more secure.

Why is my watch losing Time? And How Can I Fix It?

I recently purchased a new wristwatch necklace (you can find similar ladies’ pocket watches with the ball here). Before you think it, the watch was in the blink of an eye, lost its timing, and started running slowly. I cannot return it, but it’s an easy fix. My watch needs a replacement watch battery.

Usually, I bring the watches I own to jewelers to let them change the batteries for me. However, I learned how easy it is to replace batteries for a pocket watch by myself.

In addition, I didn’t have enough Time to take it to the jeweler.
After learning that it’s a five minute fix to the cost of a watch battery I’ll never revisit any jeweler or watchmaker!

You’ll require:

  • A pocket watch
  • Precision Screwdriver Set
  • Watch the battery

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Step by Step Step Tutorial

1. Utilizing a screwdriver with a flat head from the set, insert the other end into the pocket watch’s seam. Gently pry the back from the watch pocket. It shouldn’t require much pressure. I gave the screwdriver a slight twist at the seam, and the back snapped immediately.
Be cautious you do not accidentally scratch the watch’s back by using a screwdriver!

2. Take off the white spacer that surrounds the watch’s assembly.

3. Take the dead battery out of the watch’s pocket and swap it out with brand new battery.

4. Remove the spacer surrounding the watch’s assembly.

5. Place your watch on the reverse until it clicks in place.

6. Make sure you’re on Time!

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How to change a pocket watch battery of a Majestron wristwatch?

How to change a pocket watch battery? Majestron Pocket watches are distinctive because the battery is on the left side of the watch, not at the back. This makes it more difficult to replace the battery, however it is possible to do so with only a few steps.
The first step is to remove the screws on to the inside of the watch. There are typically four screws all in all. Be cautious not to be able to find them, since they are small as well as easily lost.
After that, gently lift the back of the watch with the thin metal tool like the butter knife. It may be necessary to move it around to start it.

After opening the back, you should be able to see the battery. Two clips fix it. Squeeze these clips gently and take the battery off.


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