How to demagnetize a watch without a demagnetizer?

How to demagnetize a watch at home?

Sometimes, after a long trip, your watch can go a little crazy and gain more than one minute per day. Your watch is probably magnetized and must be demagnetized to function properly again.

The magnetism risk for mechanical watches has never been greater with the advent of electronic devices. After passing through customs, you can put the watch together with your mobile phone and rest your arm on the speaker. The watch will be magnetized. This isn’t just for worn watches. Sometimes a new watch will also be magnetized due to storage location, delivery process, etc.

Magnetism, however pervasive, is not an irreversible issue. If you know what to do it should be an easy fix. We will be discussing what magnetism looks like, how to fix it and how to protect your watch against further magnetism.

What is magnetism and how is it harmful for watches?

Many metal parts make up a mechanical watch, and many are susceptible to magnetic influences. The hairspring, which is magnetized, will affect the accuracy of the watch. This happens because magnetism binds a portion of the hairspring together, reducing its effective length. The watch will run extremely fast due to this. However, magnetic material can also cause watch parts to become brittle and reduce their accuracy. In practice, this can lead to a watch running very fast or very slowly depending on which parts are affected.

The effect magnetism has on watches is normally reversible, except when the magnetic force is at an unusually high level. The function of a magnetized watch should be restored to its normal state after it is demagnetized.

How to determine if a watch has magnetized?

High levels of inaccuracy are the most obvious sign of magnetism. They can be more than one minute off per day. A timegrapher can give you a more accurate reading. (Check out our guide to using a timegrapher). Due to the limited movement of the hairspring, a magnetized watch can gain more than 100 seconds per day.

There are two easy ways to test for magnetism at home.

  • Place a compass next to the watch and check if it attracts the needle. If the watch magnetizes, it is likely that it is.
  • Some apps use the magnetic sensor of a smart-phone to detect magnetism. LEPSI (iOS) or Physics Toolbox magnetometer on Android are examples of such apps. Any app that has the name “magnetometer”, “gaussmeter” or “magnetometer”, will work. These apps allow you to first remove the phone from your watch and then place it next to the watch. Your watch will be magnetized if it detects significant magnetic strength changes near your watch.

How to demagnetize a watch without a demagnetizer?

Any object that is magnetized can gradually become demagnetized without intervention. A watch can remain magnetized for many months or even years, hindering its ability to function properly.

It is usually very easy to demagnetize a watch.

The degausser machine can be used to reduce or eliminate the magnetic fields in objects, such as mechanical watches or analog watches.

These machines can be used at home and are very affordable.

You can also bring your watch to a watchmaker as many watchmakers have the degaussing equipment necessary for dealing with magnetised watches.

The type of watch will determine the risk of magnetism as well as the effect on accuracy of timekeeping.

Magnetic watches are more common than other types of watches. Magnetism can be caused by exposure to large speakers, electrical and medical equipment, as well as microwave ovens and television monitors.

3 ways to demagnetize a watch

Watch lovers should be able to demagnetize watches like a boss! Abraham-Louis Breguet and Antoine Norbert de Patek would be proud of you! This article will provide three tips on how to quickly demagnetize your watch.

We’ve already discussed the dangers of magnetism for watches. This is the most serious and common problem that watches can experience. This can literally cause your watch to lose its accuracy. It is possible for your watch to become magnetized if it runs quickly.

These are three quick fixes to help your watch regain its original accuracy.

1. The magic tool to demagnetize a watch

While you should keep your watch safe from magnetic fields, this watch demagnetizer can safely and quickly remove any residual magnetism from your watch’s movement. This will save you time and money. This tool will remove any residual magnetism from your watch for approximately 10 dollars.

It is possible that your watch is magnetized, but you might not be aware of it. This tool can remove the magnetization without having to open your watch. It has been proven invaluable by professional watchmakers.

2. Use an old TV to demagnetize a watch

You might be able to solve your problem if you don’t own a tool like the one above, but you still have an old CRT television monitor. These monitors come with a degauss function, which is used to remove electrons that cause distortions on the screen.

Although there is some degaussing when you turn on your monitor, it is usually not sufficient. You should look in the monitor’s menu for the degaussing function. Once you have selected it (most TV monitors have it), you will hear a click and the image will reset.

You can simply hold your watch on the monitor while you do this, and it will also benefit from the degaussing. This should remove the magnetization from your timepiece. This would work well with a pocket watch. This function will also work with old CRT monitors that were used with computers.

3. The good old watchmaker

If none of the above works, you can bring your watch to your watchmaker to demagnetize it. Watchmakers will usually not charge for this and can demagnetize your watch with a tool like the one we mentioned.

You will have the opportunity to test out new watches, and build a relationship. This is a wonderful thing to do. You never know, this might help you get on the list for the grail watch that you have always wanted.

To determine if your watch has magnetization, you can use the Toolwatch accuracy app to check its accuracy. You might also like to read our article about water resistance. You should keep magnetism and water at a safe distance from your watch.

Pro tip: The Victorinox I.N.O.X is the most affordable anti-magnetic watch. Professional Diver Anti-Magnetic. This watch is also suitable for diving, making it an excellent choice for budget-minded divers.

How to use a watch demagnetizer?

The solution to magnetism is easy once you have confirmed it. The process can be completed in less than a minute using a demagnetizer. There are many types of demagnetizers on the market. All work by creating a random magnetic field to disrupt the orderly magnetic field of the watch and achieving the effect of magnetization.

We will now describe the process for the demagnetizer with a hole at its center. This type of demagnetizer creates a magnetic field. The pulse type is another popular demagnetizer. It sends out a pulse at the touch of a button. All types of watch demagnetizers will work if you follow the instructions.

  • You can turn on this stream type of demagnetizer by pressing the button. Keep the button down and slowly move the watch from the outside to the inside of the loop. Then, take it out slowly.
  • Put the watch in the hole slowly and pull it out slowly to demagnetize it.
  • You can now check whether the watch is still magnetic. If the demagnetization is not satisfactory, you can continue the process a few more times.
  • To activate the pulse type, place the watch on the demagnetizer and press the button. Next, rotate the watch 90° and then push the button again. This demagnetizer emits an extremely strong pulse that rapidly decays. It disrupts the watch’s magnetic field and demagnetizes it.
  • Test the watch again on a timegrapher. The watch has been successfully demagnetized if the rate returns to normal. The watch might magnetize to a rate that is normal but not desirable. You may have to regulate your watch if this happens. Follow our guide to regulate a watch.

How much does it cost to demagnetize a watch?

Magnetism can cause damage to your watch and can make it difficult for you to get it repaired at a watch repair shop. The cost of demagnetizing your watch can run from $50 to $150. The watch repairer will likely open the watch to check for other problems. If the watch is magnetic and in good condition, it may seem like a waste.

How long does it take to demagnetize a watch?

A demagnetizer is all it takes to demagnetize a watch. The watch will be demagnetized by placing it on the demagnetizer and holding it there for a few seconds.

Magnetism is not the only way to destroy your watch. With a little bit of caution and additional knowledge, you can avoid costly trips to the watch “mechanic.”

How to protect a watch from magnetism?

You want to reduce the risk of magnetism after demagnetizing a watch. You would lose all the work you put into demagnetizing your watch.

Two things are essential to protect a watch against magnetism: Avoid strong magnetism and avoid prolonged magnetism exposure. The watch should be kept away from strong magnetism, such as that found around speakers and microwaves, MRI scanners, etc. The watch shouldn’t be left for too long near magnetic objects. These rules will ensure that your watch is free of magnetism.

Even if it is magnetized again, it will be yours to use now.

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