How to Invest in luxury watches? | Explained

Let’s discuss, How to Invest in luxury watches? Investing in watches is among the brightest and most likely easiest ways to make your money more productive for you. 

By adhering to some basic rules anyone, even the most novice can make it happen.

I’ll be sharing with you five of these concepts today.

The name

The name is all that matters!

Certain brands of watches are synonymous with quality and workmanship.

They have a solid reputation that can span many decades.

Consider Rolex or Patek Phillip for example.


Rolex was established in 1905, and has been a beacon in the realm of quality and luxury.

They also have a lengthy list of innovative breakthroughs to their credit.

For instance, Rolex was the initial watchmaker to obtain the Chronometer certification on a wristwatch.

The benefits to investing in luxurious brands such as Rolex or Patek Phillip lie in the fact that they’re generally considered a secure investment since there will always be a demand for these brands.

The down side of this is that everybody else is watching them! which means the prices can be very high..

The edition

The market can go insane for a specific version of a brand’s watch.

This could be because the edition is restricted and fewer numbers were produced.

It could be that it’s got or has a specific characteristic which isn’t present in the other range of the brand’s products.

The reason could be that this particular version is accompanied by an interesting background behind it.



An auction that took place recently of a unique Patek Phillip1518 owned by the Late Egyptian Farouk. Farouk was sold recently at an auctions in Dubai for more than $1 million US dollars.

The watch was created in 1944 and was just one of fewer than 300 made by the brand.

For a final touch to make it more special, the inscription was it’s Egyptian royal emblem in an 18-carat yellow gold.

As if that wasn’t enough, this was one of the first ever perpetual calendar watches produced (i.e. it didn’t require winding to display the accurate date)

As you can see this watch meets all the “special edition” requirement.

If you can locate a watch similar to this ahead of any other watch, then you are a winner!

The story

A good back story can transform the watch from an ordinary watch to an iconic one.

Let’s look at our time and look at the Rolex date-just.

The first time it was introduced was in 1945 and soon became a symbol of prestige, power, and authority.

One of the first owners to be proud was a US veteran and later president Dwight D Eisonhower.


If you are lucky enough to come across any of the models in production between the mid 1940s and the mid 1950s You will be extremely fortunate. Since those earlier models have amazing back stories due to their association of presidents of the US president.

A very special feature

Watches that have unique or innovative features are very desirable to collect.

Let’s consider the case of this iconic Audemars Piguet.

This particular model is very sought after since it combines a manual winding perpetual calendar and an exquisite platinum case.

It’s a blend of features that have increased the worth for this specific edition to more than $40,000.

The condition

The condition of the watch’s watch is essential.

Collectors and reputable sellers must be extremely specific regarding the item’s condition. They should include plenty of photographs of close-ups in each listing. How to Invest in luxury watches?

If you are a buyer, you must ask:

  • Does the watch come with all the original components?
  • Are there hidden scratches or dents?
  • Was the watch ever repaired?
  • Are there all the paperwork needed to cover all repairs?
  • What were the previous owners? And is there a paper trail to confirm this?

If you can, you should get an expert in the field to assess the watch on your behalf.

Insurance and warranty

How to Invest in luxury watches? Most sellers will give you an adequate amount at the time of purchase. The typical offer is 12 months. However, some sellers provide the possibility of up to 24 months.

It is also possible to purchase protection for your watches for an additional security measure. Particularly if you plan to wear your watch for yourself.

Let’s review five examples of classic luxury watches to take into consideration when you are beginning to invest in the best luxury watches.

Rolex Submariner

Quick overview

Our first pick is the famous Rolex Submariner.

A diver’s watch that has an impressive history of technological advancement.

With the Submariner, Rolex were the first to release an underwater watch to 100 feet back in 1953. helping divers keep track of their time and more importantly, keep track in how long they can stay underwater.

This tradition is apparent in the stunning black bezel made of ebony.

The case made of steel is an area that Rolex is proud of. It’s sturdy but offers a touch of class and sophistication.

Don’t even think Rolex made a move using those white hands !

They are made of 18k white gold, my close friend.

The watch’s movement and accuracy are both solid However, let’s be honest the reason you wouldn’t purchase this watch to track time! !

End of the line

If you own a submariner, you have a legendary vessel.

You become part of the history.

It’s a watch that can keep time while remaining unchanging.

PS: We especially love the bronze editions of bezels.

Breitling Navitimer GMT

Quickly lowdown

The next watch to be featured is the stunning Breitling Navitimer GMT, from the famous Luxury Swiss watchmaker founded in 1884.

The Navitimer has a stunning sapphire crystal casing, which can withstand scratches and durability.

It’s a chronograph watch, meaning it can be used as a stopwatch, which is why that additional hand can be used.

The watch has a dual time zone and a 24 hour timer, so this watch is sure to be popular with frequent travelers.

Offcourse, this timepiece is certified by COSC, meaning its accuracy is unquestionable.

If you can access the exclusive Aurora blue dial and strap that matches, you have hit gold, sir/madame!

The final word

This Breitling Navitimer is a statement of elegance and class.

It appears sophisticated and elegant yet is easy to use everyday.

It also holds its value much more tightly than a banker would hold an ounce of cash!

Graham Oversize

Quickly lowdown

Garaham watches have earned their reputation by being mechanical wonders. George Graham himself was a prominent watchmaker in the 18th century.

First thing that will strike you about the Graham Oversize its size. The huge, flamboyant face measures massive at 47mm in diameter.

However, without doubt the most impressive feature is the stunning chronograph trigger that appears to be the trigger that launches the rocket into space!

I was concerned that a large watch might be unsuitable for wrists with smaller sizes However, the lug drops so well that it fits most wrist sizes without sliding or slipping.

The final word is:

The Graham is the watch for you if you want to buy an item that blends glamour and style.

It’s loud, big and says ” LOOK AT ME”! !

Be sure to look for any of those limited edition editions to add that extra touch of exclusivity

Hublot classic racing grey

Quick Lowdown:

With grace and class on our list can be The Hublot classic racing gray 45mm watch.

Although the majority of watches on our collection are loud and flashy, the Hublot exudes class and elegance.

The titanium case provides a beautiful appearance, but also gives it a sturdy. This is a huge watch with a 45mm diameter, which people can see as it is positioned upon your wrist.

I like the simple design of the dial as well as the hands. It’s clean and simple. The striking grey hue is as smooth as a James Bond smile!

Last word

Hublot Classic Hublot iconic is an classic watch for those who love the classics. A minimalist but elegant design that won’t have to stand out to get noticed.

It’s all that’s needed is to be noticed!

Omega Seamaster 300

Quick overview:

The next watch to be featured comes next is the Omega seamaster 300M. As the name suggests, this is yet another watch with a significant maritime connection.

The entire system, including the helium escape valve located at the 10 o’clock point and thirty second clock located at the 3 o’clock location and the graphic pattern on the seconds dial, are an homage to the diving techniques of deep sea diving.

If you look beyond the dive heritage, you’ll see an exquisite watch with stunning details. The case measures 42mm in diameter and is made of high-quality polished stainless steel.

The face glass is reinforced with sapphire crystals to increase durability and scratch resistance.

The beautiful stainless steel strap enhances the comforting strength of this watch.

Last word

This is a contemporary classic from a company that is at the forefront of watchmaking.

How to Invest in luxury watches? There’s a wide array of choices regarding colors and styles that will please even the most discerning collectors.

Are you considering buying used watches?

Heck yes!

They hold their value admirably, so a pre-owned one in excellent condition is just as valuable as purchasing an entirely new watch.

Don’t be afraid of going to your local dealer’s “used” stand in your local dealership.

Should you purchase on the internet?

Let us address this by saying you should purchase on the internet!

Two very great reasons.

  1. This is where it is possible to get the best bargains in terms of cost and guarantee. There are no overheads for online retailers, and therefore can provide incredible savings
  2. It’s completely safe if you buy from a reputable seller. Many offer a two-year guarantee.

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