How to remove links from a Citizen Watch? Detailed

How to remove links from a citizen watch(Stiletto Eco-Drive)?

This instructional video will guide you through the process of sizing your watch band by taking off links, particularly on the Citizen Eco-Drive Stiletto watch, model AR3015-53E. Let’s Discuss, How to remove links from a citizen watch. It could also apply to other watches that have similar bands made of metal.

Steps: How to remove links from a citizen watch?

1.  Tools

The tools were a success, and you should try using the same tools if you can:

  • Small Hammer (a non-metal one is recommended so that it does not damage the link)
  • Pliers with needle noses (only when necessary to pull the pins of the link out)
  • A large sewing needle (or something similar in size , but smaller as the link pins)
  • Block of wood with a 1/8th” hole cut through it (very beneficial to allow enough space so that the link pin can slide out, while supporting the band without scratching the band).

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2. Determine the number of Links to remove for the best Size

This picture shows two links joined. I took three links off my watch to adjust it properly onto my wrist. I removed two of them from the clasp on one side while one was removed from the opposite side. Make sure to balance both sides of the clasp so that it is as straight as it can be after you have completed.

Look closely at the tiny arrows with engravings at the top left of every link. These indicate where the pin on the link should be removed. It is best to work on the links with these arrows and not bother with the other ones.

3. Begin by sliding through the Pin Link

Once you’ve decided on the number of links you want to take out, begin by putting one of the link pins over that hole. Be sure to select one with an arrow inscribed on it. It is time to remove the link button in the direction where the arrow is pointed.

Make use of the large needle by the pin and gently tap it using the hammer to push the pin into the linked hole of the block of wood. Do not tap it all the way through, but about half-way should be enough.

Then, use your hands (or the pliers) to pull the link pin the remainder of the way. Make sure not to make the pin bend.

This allows the links to become separate. Be sure not to remove the tiny slotted collar inside the link (see the next images).

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4. The Slotted Collar

The collar is slotted in the correct position. The second image shows it taken off. It may fall off as you remove the links Be careful not to get it out of your hands.

It is located in the hole in the upper right corner of the link in the large tab. It’s important as it provides the friction needed to keep the pin as the links join.

5. After You Have Removed the Links You hoped To Remove, it’s time to Reassemble the Band Together

The first step is to ensure you have the collar that slots in the correct location.

Then next, align the links so that the tabs’ holes are aligned.

Then, using your fingers (or be careful with the pliers), move the link pin back in the opposite direction you removed it (from the bottom up, like in this image). Don’t force it; ensure it’s far enough to secure the links.

Then, you tap the pin into the Hammer. I suggest using the wooden block to serve as a base. Make sure to use the hammer gently and when the pin is close to being flush to the link, you must be cautious not to hit the links with the hammer because it could cause scratches. Using tapping blocks like a wooden piece or a plastic is a good idea. Make sure to tap the link until it’s in line with an edge on the link.

In Last

Make sure your watch is in good shape and adjust as necessary.


Its hoped that you may get the answer of your question, How to remove links from a citizen watch? briefly.

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