Is Thomas Earnshaw a good watch brand? Detailed

Is Thomas Earnshaw a good watch brand?

Is Thomas Earnshaw a good watch brand? These watches were named after Thomas Earnshaw, an English watchmaker. They are popular among those looking for luxury watches at a middle price. They have a large customer base around the world, despite not knowing much about their history and origins. The brand has received mixed reviews from customers. While some watch lovers love the designs, others are disappointed that parts are made in China.

Let’s talk in detail about Thomas Earnshaw watches’ features and prices.

Background by Thomas Earnshaw Watches

Thomas Earnshaw, a British explorer and horologist, was a legend. This legend inspired the company’s name and watch collections. The brand was founded in 2012 and aims to highlight the elegance of modern mechanical watches. Dartmouth Brands is the owner of the watch company. Dartmouth Brands also owns major luxury brands.

Watches Below $500

Thomas Earnshaw watches can be purchased for as low as $500. They are luxury watches in the mid-range. Black Granite watches start at $250, making them the most affordable option in their range. The Longitude Caviar Black watch, Longcase Laurel Gold Longcase Panda Black and Longitude Steel Black are other notable watches below $500.

Thomas Earnshaw reviews by real customers can help you decide which watch model is best.

Watches Below $1,000

This category includes most Thomas Earnshaw Watches. These watches below $1,000 feature intricate designs and exceptional artistry. The Bloomsbury Officer Blue and Jervis Navy Blue are some of the most notable watches.


All Thomas Earnshaw watches come standard with a worldwide warranty of two years and free shipping. This brand has a maximum water resistance of 10 ATM. You can choose from leather or stainless steel straps in a variety of colors. The brand also offers mechanical and quartz movements.

Customer Reviews

Although the brand doesn’t disclose much about their manufacturing process, it is believed that most watches are made in China. They come in beautiful designs but the quality and reliability of their watches can vary.

Thomas Earnshaw is not a popular choice among watch-lovers. First, read the Thomas Earnshaw watch review from actual customers before you buy a timepiece. Thomas Earnshaw is a great buy if you don’t care about where their watches are made and the features you desire.

Is Thomas Earnshaw a good watch brand?

Is Thomas Earnshaw a good watch brand? It’s easy to see the appeal of Thomas Earnshaw watches by looking at all the available models. There are so many amazing-looking watches from Thomas Earnshaw. Sometimes, however, appearances can be deceiving. Thomas Earnshaw watches are a good example.

Thomas Earnshaw watches are high quality. Earnshaw watches come with a Chinese-made motor, which can sometimes be unreliable. An Earnshaw watch is usually reliable and looks great.

Thomas Earnshaw watches are good, even though the movement can sometimes be inconsistent. We’ll be discussing why Thomas Earnshaw watches are a great brand.

Thomas Earnshaw Watches: How Great Are They?

Thomas Earnshaw makes high-quality watches at an affordable price. They are well-known for providing great value, especially with their skeleton watches. Sometimes, they outsource the movement to China.

A Earnshaw watch is truly a masterpiece. Over the years, Thomas Earnshaw has gained the reputation of offering some of the best-looking and best-value-for-your-money watches, particularly their skeleton watches.

Watches are not only about good looks. Quality is also important for the watch. Although quality is subjective, there are still some things we consider when deciding whether a brand makes great watches.

Materials & Movement

Quality watches are defined by their movement and quality materials. Poor movement watches will break constantly, while watch made from sub-par materials will quickly deteriorate.

Thomas Earnshaw’s movements were outsourced to China. This is not a common practice, but it’s something that many companies do.

This means that your watch’s movement will work in most cases. Your watch will work perfectly. However, if your watch has a problem with its movement, don’t expect it to go away soon.

This is often the problem with Chinese movements. They either work miracles and you won’t notice any difference, or they’ll continually cause problems.

Earnshaw movements, however, will almost always work as expected.

Thomas Earnshaw watches are typically made from high-quality materials. The most popular material is stainless steel, which performs well.

These watches are gold-plated and have a mineral glass crystal to cover their faces. Mineral glass is a standard industry for watches at this price range.


For most people, the design of a watch is their most important priority. This is why fashion watches are so in demand. People want watches that look good and not necessarily show craftsmanship.

Thomas Earnshaw is a brand that should appeal to these people. Thomas Earnshaw watches are praised by most people. It’s subjective of course, but it’s possible to agree on something if everyone is in agreement.

There are many watches available, but the most popular is their skeleton watches. The watch’s movement is visible openly, giving it a luxurious and sophisticated look.

Thomas Earnshaw watches can be quite large, with a typical diameter of 44mm. It’s a bit large for someone with smaller wrists but not too much. It has a very elegant finish because of its thickness.

The dial has a clear display of the numbers and the hands move gracefully.

Warranty & Repairs

Thomas Earnshaw is a company that takes pride in its work. It shows. They not only deliver great-looking and high-quality watches but also provide support if something goes wrong.

Thomas Earnshaw watches come with a 24-month warranty. Earnshaw will replace your watch for free if it breaks within the 2 year warranty.

Some exceptions apply, like water damage or misuse on watches not marked water-resistant. Thomas Earnshaw will fix most things, and it will be free of charge.

Thomas Earnshaw can fix your watch by sending it in. The watch will be repaired immediately. You can expect your watch to return within 4 to 6 weeks.

Thomas Earnshaw Luxury Watch Brand

Thomas Earnshaw watches are not luxury brands. Earnshaw watches are made from an outsourced Chinese mechanism and don’t usually include precious or luxurious materials. Earnshaw watches are more expensive than others, but they are generally considered to be mid-range watches.

A watch must follow certain guidelines in order to be considered a luxury watch. These guidelines are not set in stone but are generally accepted to help determine if a watch is luxury or not.

These guidelines include:

  • The movement must be done in-house.
  • Watch brands must use precious or luxurious metals in their designs.
  • Hand-assemble the watch.

These are just three important points. The brand name and the price of a watch also play an important role. The price should reflect the luxury brand name. The price should therefore be higher.

Luxury brands seek scarcity because a high price can lead to scarcity. If everyone can afford it, it’s hard to be a luxury brand. It would be “just another brand”.

Thomas Earnshaw is a brand that makes watches, but not luxury watches. The main rule is that the movement must be manufactured in-house. The movement is the heartbeat of the watch. What does the watch look like if that movement isn’t made in Thomas Earnshaw’s workshop?

Thomas Earnshaw often outsources his movement to China so the brand is no longer a luxury watch brand.

Thomas Earnshaw watches are high-quality, stylish and well-made. They don’t make luxury watches.


Are Thomas Earnshaw Watches Swiss Made?

Thomas Earnshaw’s watch collections are all Swiss-made. Thomas Earnshaw follows a strict guideline for many of his collections to ensure that Swiss-made watches are at least 51% assembled in Switzerland.

To be considered Swiss-made, a watch must have been assembled in Switzerland for at least 50% of its total time. This loophole is relatively simple and some companies love to exploit it to get their watches the coveted Swiss-made title.

They will do little in Switzerland and send all production costs to a country that is cheaper.

Thomas Earnshaw is very transparent about this. They openly admit that the cheaper watches they sell are not Swiss-made. Earnshaw would not allow companies to meet the minimum requirements for Swiss-made titles.

Thomas Earnshaw instead offers several collections: Cheap watches that aren’t Swiss-made and more expensive Swiss-made watches.

Earnshaw watches made in Switzerland will almost always have a movement from Japan or Switzerland. Japan and Switzerland are two of the most respected countries in horology.

Where are Thomas Earnshaw Watches Made

Thomas Earnshaw is based in China for the majority of their production. Some of their more expensive models are however made in Switzerland at least 51%.

While we have just discussed how some Earnshaw watches can be considered Swiss-made (meaning at most 51% of the watch’s components are made in Switzerland), the vast majority of Earnshaw watches were manufactured in China.

It is easiest to tell the difference by looking at its price. Earnshaw watches with a price tag of more than $1000 are usually Swiss-made and have more complications.

Earnshaw watches costing a few hundred dollars are usually made in China. While this is not a problem, the quality of the cheaper models could be a little lower than the higher-end ones.


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