Rolex Batman GMT Master II Review

Rolex Batman GMT Review

The topic of the day is Rolex Batman GMT Master II Review. This Rolex Batman GMT is one of the most sought-after Rolex timepieces and also one of the least accessible models as well. Although, the stainless steel model offers a 24-hour GTM the bezel is black and half blue which evokes the night. This is the reason it got its moniker The Batman.

The stainless steel Rolex sport watches are among the most sought-after around the globe and the Rolex Batman GMT Master II is among the most sought-after. In 2013, the first reference to this Rolex Batman GMT was released as ref. 116710BLNR. When it was first released, 2013 release Batman Saga was in full swing. Batman Saga was in full motion and the dark evening seemed perfect for the watch that was this high caliber.

It is the very first time Rolex introduced black and blue together. In the past, Rolex introduced a blue and red and black and red combination, but this was entirely brand new, and is thought to be an essential change from Rolex. After the Rolex Batman release, it was a instant hit and is now an absolute precious timepiece among numerous Rolex collectors. Unfortunately, it’s a model which has yet to be found in official dealer cases for the past and is sold at a premium on the used market.

It is believed that the 2022 Rolex GMT Master II Oyster Bracelet has the most expensive pre-owned cost for a few reasons. This is the model we were able to obtain during this evaluation. First, many people consider the Oyster bracelet as the best choice to wear for Batman. I am with them. The reason is that in 2022, the Batman Oyster Bracelet reference has the upgraded power reserve of 70hr and the 3285 motor. This has allowed fans the bracelet they desire with the better performance they want.

Traveling With The Rolex Batman GMT Master II

What makes this Rolex Batman GMT unique is that the owners cannot just travel in luxury and style. Still, they also travel knowing that they are wearing an upper-echelon GMT timepiece on their wrist. Rolex is known for its watches that can be relied on the most , and also be comfortably while at the same while being comfortable. When you think about the challenges of traveling, looking at your watch is like a refreshing experience. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can be confident in your travel partner.

Let’s look at the GMT function as it’s the most important secondary issue. The blue and black 24hr bezel is sturdy and soft with a 24 bi-directional position. If you enter the new location, Rolex has made it easy to set the time. While not stopping to set the time and without stopping to reset it, you can adjust the time. Rolex 3285 movement permits an Rolex Batman GMT Master II to move the hour hand to make quick adjustments. In addition, the date complication can move forward and backwards when you adjust the hour hand quickly. All these features and the quality of construction make this Rolex Batman GMT one of the most desirable travel watches.

Improved In-House Rolex 3285 Calibre

One of the most appealing aspects on this Rolex GMT Master II Batman is the new 3285 movement. Unfortunately, it does not just come with a longer power reserve of 70 hours. Still, it also battles the powerful electromagnetic Omega calibres.

Bracelet Options

The Oyster and Jubilee are the most popular bracelets available for Rolex Batman GMT. They are both extraordinarily well-made and comfortable. Based on our conversations of Rolex certified dealers Rolex makes equal quantities of each. Beginning in 2022, owners can purchase an additional bracelet to Rolex GMT watches for both old and current Batman references.

2022 Rolex Batman GMT Oyster Bracelet 126710BLNR

This 2022 Rolex Batman GMT Master II on the Oyster bracelet is the ideal mix of the features Rolex collectors seek. Many collectors appreciate this Batman model on the Oyster bracelet, however, until recently, the upgraded 3285 watch could only be found on the Jubilee bracelet. So it was thrilling to observe Rolex launch a reference model in 2022, including an Oyster bracelet with the Rolex Batman GMT featuring the calibre 3285.

Legibility Of A Rolex Dial

Rolex is renowned for its accessibility, which is the case with this GMT Master II collection. The flat black dial on this Rolex Batman GMT is remarkably dark black and highlighted by glowing hour markers lined with white gold. After having this watch on for a while, it became evident why a lot of Rolex watch models have similar dials. This is because they provide one of the fastest experience with a clear and easy to read display.

126710BLNR Specs

  • Case Size 40mm
  • Bezel Cerachrome (Ceramic)
  • Crystal Sapphire
  • Water Resistance 100m
  • Crown Triple Lock Screw Down
  • Movement Automatic / Self-Winding
  • Calibre 3285
  • Accuracy -2/+2 Seconds Per Day
  • Power Reserve 70 Hours
  • Winding Bidirectional
  • Clasp Oysterlock
  • Complications Date, GMT

Rolex Batman GMT Master II Pricing & Availability

Rolex Batman GMT watches can be purchased for new at $10,750 MSRP or as high as $21,995 on the used market. The dramatic rise in prices for used watches is due to the limited availability of these watches.

Waitlist For The Rolex Batman GMT

This Rolex Batman GMT is one watch with long wait lists. You can expect to wait for a couple of years when you have a great rapport to the Rolex authorized dealer before purchasing the watch.


Overall, the time we spent on the Rolex Batman GMT Master II Review was delightful. The watch is comfortable, stunning looking, and performs precisely as an item of this caliber would. If you can purchase this Rolex Batman GMT, buy it! It’s a significant investment.

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