Rolex Predictions 2023 | Ups and Downs

Rolex Predictions 2023

It’s the time of year again when the Rolex community is a bit agitated about what the brand is going to make in the next year. Rolex Predictions 2023, The excitement is always focused on whether Rolex will increase prices, which popular Rolex models will be taken off the market, or what new color variants of existing collections will be released. It’s likely that 2023 will not be more different.

In the past anticipations for Rolex releases have always been very high. However, once the time for their announcements are made, we’re usually always left an expectation of more. At Wrist Advisor, we want to think larger and that’s for us to do our fifth annual Rolex predictions in 2023.

In the purpose of our Rolex 2023 predictions, we’ll be predicting the likely future events at Rolex in the context of the past and market research. It’s essential to remind our readers as in the previous four years of making these predictions this, our most popular 10 Rolex Predictions 2023 are speculative and based on our opinions are our own.

Before we get into the details of what Rolex will release in 2023, we’ll first review the 2022 releases they made. The three top releases of last year’s release was the green left handed GMT Master II, complete overhaul of the Air King, and the introduction of the green dial as well as 41mm Datejust. The general consensus was that the last year’s releases were not as good, with a few ambiguities mixed in. It was the left-handed GMT that caused a lot of confusion but the watch has been being sold at a premium price on the market for pre-owned watches, which is why it’s doing very quite well.

It’s time to share our Rolex Predictions for 2023. We think you’ll agree as we do that this list is extravagant, but it’s what it’s the right thing to do. Rolex is a name with high expectations, and the possibilities are infinite. Who wants to think of a boring announcement in 2023.

Give us your feedback on the Rolex forecasts at end of this page or send us a message to inform us of which predictions you have made.

1. No Rolex Price Increase For 2023

Rolex will not be able to announce an increase in price for 2023 due in part to the current global economic conditions and the massive price hike that occurred in the previous year. We believe that Rolex is able to maintain sales even by increasing prices however, the market in general is volatile. Historical evidence suggests that Rolex alongside other brands will be resistant to increasing prices until the markets stabilize.

2. Rolex Authorized Dealer Supply Will Be Improved

With Rolex cutting down on its authorized dealer networks, and due to their investment in production, the number of Rolex watches at retail stores will increase by 2023. This is a great thing especially if you reside in an area that has several or one Rolex authorized dealers, but may be a disappointment when the closest location is located two hours away

3. Popular Rolex Watches Will Be Discontinued

The most anticipated aspect from this year’s Rolex 2023 announcement will not be the release of their new watch, however what Rolex eliminated. This happens every year. The entire community immediately checks their Rolex site to see what’s not there, and this leads to the things they’ve decided to discontinue.

By 2023 Rolex may end production of one or a few of their most popular stainless steel watches in our view. This will allow for the creation of more valuable metal models, which generates higher revenue for the company.

Yes , I know it’s simple to predict, however this year we are expecting more than usual models being discontinued , and it’s an opportunity for Rolex to clean the deck. This could include models like models like Batman, Pepsi, Wimbledon Datejust and the colored Oyster Perpetuals, and the Kermit.

4. We’ll Get Surprised With A Solid Gold Datejust

The most important Rolex 2023 forecast would be Rolex will launch either the solid rose or yellow gold Datejust on the Jubilee bracelet. This datejust line will be the most loved and iconic, specifically on the Jubilee. A gold-themed collection could be a nice look back to the past and truly make this collection a chance to be a winner. It’s my opinion but if could choose in between both the Day Date bracelet or the Jubilee jubilee ring in gold in solid form I’d go for the jubilee each day.

It’s no surprise that Rolex is transforming their business to more precious metal watches. It is sensible in the light of it. Rolex is likely to sell each watch they make regardless, so why not offer more watches that have a greater margins? There was a time where authorized dealers were required to offer discounts on the value of their solid gold Daytona’s but these days are now long gone. We do not think it’s unreasonable to imagine Rolex came out with an actual Datejust made of gold in 2023.

5. The Submariner Will Get A New Colored Dial In Stainless Steel Models

Rolex has been at the leading edge of adding color to their watches. They were the first to introduce green sport watches , and two years ago, they shook the watch world with the the Tiffany Blue Dial of the Op. We believe that by 2023, Rolex will launch the Submariner with an red dial and bezel combination.

If Rolex does this, they won’t be considered as the top players since Omega and IWC has pushed for the red dial over the last year, however their results have been exciting. The most well-known Omega Aqua Terra model from this year was the red terracotta dial. It’s not often to see Omega watches are able to generate a long waiting list, but it’s happened. We’re fully expecting Rolex to take advantage of this trend and really create a stunning Submariner. Submariner.

6. A New Two Tone GMT Master II

Since the beginning of time, we’ve been waiting for Rolex will bring back Coke (red/black bezel) after they introduced their Pepsi (red/blue bezel) however this year’s model is something else. In 2023, Rolex is likely to release the brand new two-tone GMT Master II with an all-green bezel, as well as an entirely Tiffany blue bezel.

In the past, these two colors have been among Rolex most popular. It only makes sense to release one of them in a brand-new two-tone GMT Master II, which will surely make it the most exciting new watch of 2023.

7. New 2023 Rolex Watches Will Be Available Upon Their Launch

Watch brands, like Rolex has a history in announcing new models, but not making them available in stores until a half-year later. As production has gotten back to normal, and some even say that it has improved and improved, we can anticipate Rolex to overflow dealers authorized by them with 2023 new watches as soon as their announcement.

If you pay attentively, Rolex does listen to their customers. An excellent example is the way in the past two years, they have taken deliberate steps to combat the gray market. The reason we included these in the Rolex 2023 forecast is due to the time between launch and release has often been insufficient and voiced from those in the Rolex community. We’d like to see an improvement on that front this year.

8. Used Rolex Prices Will Decline In 2023

As the economy continues to decline It is reasonable to anticipate that the used marketplace for Rolex watches will decrease. Globally , we are moving towards more spending in the face of rising rates and the price of luxury goods will naturally decrease. I believe this is a positive thing. The used Rolex market has gone out of control and needs an adjustment. In 2023, expect that the used Rolex price will keep on to decrease.

Outside of the economic situation, it’s been claimed the fact that Rolex has actually increased their production capabilities. If this is the case, it’s yet another factor which will result in the market for used watches not being as robust by 2023, as it was in the past.

We’ve published a fantastic piece on the decline of watch markets, and how “flippers” and the grey market are affecting it. Take a look.

9. Rolex Will Release Their New Watches At Watches & Wonders 2023

Rolex will unveil their brand new watches for 2023 during Watches & Wonders in the 27th of March 2023. It is the official first date of the annual event and it just is that Rolex was there last year. It’s only natural that Rolex will be present at the event and will showcase their latest watches on the very first day.

10. More Ladies Rolex Sport Watch Options For 2023

Rolex has a huge success selling its Datejust Collection to females, but we anticipate more options for women with stainless steel sports watches by 2023. We’re not sure exactly which way Rolex will go about it, but we do expect it to be an area of focus in the future. If this was to happen and we believe it will likely be the 37mm Submariner that will fit perfectly on women’s wrists.

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