Stardust Watches | A Complete Review

 What are Stardust watches?


Are they real?

Are they worth it?

Many questions surround this newcomer to watchmaking, who appeared to have just 3 years old.

Stardust Watches was founded in Australia by a startup company a few years back.

They have been a fashion accessory that has become very popular, thanks to the fact that they are priced between $18 to $30.

The Stardust Watches Look

Stardust Watches’ online popularity can be attributed to the luxury and magnificence that the watches project, which the company prominently markets in its marketing.

This is particularly true for women’s varieties.

Luxury watches are a popular choice for both men and women.

However, the luxury watch market for women focuses on form and tying in to the latest fashion trends and haute couture.

Stardust Watches are both visually striking and instantly recognisable to anyone who has heard of them.

Stardust is a must-see! !

The watch faces have the distinctive sprinkled-with gems look that gives Stardust its name.

This appearance is irresistible. The watches are elegant and classy, even though the band is a little too extravagant for some.
Watch faces with color contrast help to highlight elegant dials and numbers.

Stardust Watches are available in four colors for women: rose gold, black and blue.

These four colors are very common in watch fashion, particularly for women.

The watch’s casing and metal mesh strap are both stainless steel. Quartz movement keeps time.
The actual strap is magnetized and doesn’t have any buckle.
Although this may raise concerns about the longevity of the magnetization, they seem to work well.
The dial diameter is 33 mm/1.3″‘ and the case thickness is 8mm/0.3″. These watches weigh in at just 45 grams.

Stardust watches are unique in their style with rich colours and scattered gems. This bold style appeals to women who want to be noticed.

Stardust watches are real?

Luxury watches for women can be very expensive. The best models cost four figures, while the most luxurious ones are more affordable. Even “mid-range” luxury watches will save you a few hundred dollars.

Stardust Watches are a luxury brand with incredible pricing. This has led to the inevitable question: Are they legit?

Stardust Watches can make it difficult to believe that they are real.

Stardust Watches have received a positive buzz online.
Although reviews can be questioned due to the ease of purchasing and influence, Stardust Watches tends to have a lot of positive reviews.

Stardust watches reviewed by Trustpilot

TrustPilot has over 600 reviews, which give the watch a 5-star overall rating.

Stardust watches appear to be legit, affordable, even though you should always take product claims with a grain (or “stardust”), especially if they are online.

What is their secret?

Expect nothing technologically remarkable.

Stardust watches are priced between $20 and $40. This is not a luxury watch that can be purchased for $3000.
It is not.

The company does not specify the exact materials of their watches. However, the case glass appears low-quality acrylic, according to us.

Sapphire glass is used in high-end luxury watches.

These straps are most likely made from silicone rubber or polyurethane rubber. As a result, they are cheaper than leather and stainless steel straps.

These watches don’t offer the same advanced timekeeping and built-in calendar features as luxury wristwatches.

Stardust watches aren’t waterproof, unlike luxury watches.

The company however, makes this clear on their FAQ page. This transparency helps to boost their credibility as well as their assumption of legitimacy.

Stardust watches don’t meet the high standards of luxury watches. They are therefore much cheaper. However, they are made from cheaper materials, and are not waterproof.

When to wear them and what to pair with them

This is the classic question any luxury watch wearer will face:

When is the best time to wear your new watch?

What accessories should you use to accessorize your timekeeping accessory?

Stardust Watches is a luxury low-price watch that complicates the question and gives you plenty of flexibility.

Due to their low price, they can be a little too expensive and elaborate for formal events such as white tie dinners and official functions.

They are also elegant and low-key enough to look fashionable in casual or formal settings.

They are versatile enough to be worn with haute couture, winter and summer wear, and all kinds of trendy looks throughout the year.

They can be worn to work, beach or casual settings.

Stardust Watches may not be the most prestigious of women’s luxury watches. Still, it fills a critical niche for low-key, low-cost luxury watches.

Stardust watches are too formal for some events but can be worn casually on many occasions.

Where to buy Stardust watches | UK and US

Stardust watches are only available online in the UK.
It was not available on Amazon.
It may be the same in the US.


Stardust watches are a bold, colorful watch that will make heads turn without breaking the bank.

It is not meant to last many years or be a technological marvel.
We don’t think you need to be obsessed with Stardust watches. However, if you have a limited budget, you can still get a great watch at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.


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