Tudor vs Rolex | How The Models & Brands Compared

Tudor vs Rolex

A few of the most interesting reviews in the world of watches are those between Tudor vs Rolex models. This shouldn’t come as a shock since Tudor has been part of Rolex as well. occasionally Rolex DNA is transferred to Tudor brand.

The first company, Rolex, is built and sold to the luxury market, while another, Tudor can be used for more practical watches.

Each of Rolex as well as Tudor have shown to be extremely effective in their respective markets. Let’s look at how their differences and similarities with each other.

Brand Comparison: Tudor vs Rolex

In this article, we’ll examine similar models of both Rolex as well as Tudor brands. Certain comparisons will have similar or close in content, while others will clearly win.

At the end of the day, each manufacturer makes high-end watches that wearers should take pride in wearing.

Rolex Submariner vs Tudor Black Bay 58

The Submariner and the Black Bay 58 are respectively the top watches of both brands. Both watches have waitlists. are designed specifically for use as tools, and have been designed and engineered to perfection.

If you look at to the Rolex Submariner to the Tudor Black Bay 58 you’ll notice that they’re very different and appeal to various buyers.

The thing that makes these watches different most is the way people think of the watches.

In the past, it has become apparent that the Rolex Submariner has turned into more of a high-end watch and not a typical tool watch.

Many consider the bezel made of ceramic as an obvious indicator of the change however we’ve concluded that it’s mostly due to the brand’s status.

Personally, I believe that the new Submariners are as much an instrument watch as the earlier models.

With regard to the Tudor Black Bay 58, the majority of people view it the same way how they would view older aluminum bezel Subs that are proven and tough watches designed to last for a long time.

While the Submariner is generally regarded as the best timepiece, I’m sure that most would think on the Black Bay Black Bay 58 offers the more value.

I know what you’re thinking that it’s true that the Submariner is worth more than $4k in the market for pre-owned watches However, here’s what I know.

The Submariner is priced at around 6k more than the MSRP. If you take into account everything is the Black Bay 58 brings to the table at $3,700 it is possible to argue that it’s more value than that of the Rolex Submariner.

Comparing the Submariner to the Black Bay 58

Specs Rolex Submariner Tudor Black Bay 58
Price $10,100 $3,700
Availability Rare Common
Case Size 41mm 39mm
Movement Automatic Automatic
Calibre 3235 MT5402
Bezel Ceramic Aluminum
Water Resistance 300m 200m

Rolex GMT Master II vs Tudor Black Bay GMT

In the year 2018 Tudor launched in 2018 the Black Bay GMT to great popularity. It is almost identical to that of the Rolex Pepsi GMT, which is what we’re trying to compare it to.

It was at first that the Tudor GMT was extremely difficult to locate and was soon being offered at an extra price on the used market.

After a while, the watch rapidly waned. While it is true that the Black Bay GMT has its merits and is an exquisite timepiece, it’s not even in the same way as it’s counterpart, the Rolex GMT Master II.

I’m sure that for a lot of Tudor GMT owners reading this you might consider it a bit unfair, however if you were honest regarding the watches, I think you’d be able to think the same.

For a watch for travel, it is the Rolex GMT Master II is better equipped than Tudor Black Bay GMT. Tudor Black Bay GMT and we’ll discuss a few reasons to support.

First of all it is because the Tudor is just too heavy.

The idea behind traveling is to travel lightand not carry a bulky wristwatch. In addition, it is essential to make sure that the date function is to work correctly.

A lot of Tudor GMT owners complain and even sell their watches due to the wrong alignment of the date window as well as its frequency of malfunction.

Compare this to the Rolex that, I believe did everything right The Rolex is the clear winner.

All that said I recognize the need for an Pepsi bezel. This Rolex Pepsi is almost unobtainable at MSRP and is selling for two times the price of in new condition on the used market.

If you’re willing to overlook some of the things that will give you the look you desire take it. Since I’m not certain if there’s a watch you can truly love.

We all have to compromise to achieve what we need.

Comparing the GMT Master II to the Black Bay GMT

Specs Rolex GMT Master II Tudor Black Bay GMT
Price $10,750 $4,050
Availability Rare Common
Case Size 40mm 41mm
Movement Automatic Automatic
Calibre 3285 MT5652
Bezel Ceramic Aluminum
Water Resistance 100m 200m

Rolex Daytona vs Tudor Black Bay Chrono

It’s incredible how strikingly like these two Daytona as well as the Black Bay Chrono appear to be. At first glance, they appear like they’re related, and they have the identical DNA.

When you evaluate their quality, popularity and value, their value, the Rolex Daytona is clearly the winner. It doesn’t mean you should buy the Tudor Black Bay Chrono isn’t a superior watch.

The two watches, both COSC certified and are sought-after in stainless steel and have white dials.

The only thing that makes they differ is that the Daytona Black Bay Chrono and the Daytona Black Bay Chrono differ is the timer, the sub-dials cost and the bezel.

It is worth noting that the Rolex Daytona costs $13,150 compared to $5,225 for the Tudor Black Bay Chrono.

What’s impressive regarding this White Dial Daytona is that it is available for sale at around $40,000 in the used market and that tells us that the Daytona is among the most sought-after watches in the world.

The chronograph functions on each watch is slightly different in comparison to the other. The Daytona comes with a 12 hour chronograph timer that differs in comparison to the 45-minute chronograph timer for the Black Bay Chrono.

This is why there is no need for a third sub dial on the Tudor.

The bezels are also made out of various materials. For instance, the Daytona bezel is made of ceramic, in contrast to the aluminum in the Black Bay Chrono.

Today, ceramic is in high demand due to its shine and scratch-resistant properties.

Comparing the Daytona to the Black Bay Chrono

Specs Rolex Daytona Tudor Black Bay Chrono
Price $14,550 $5,225
Availability Extremely Rare Common
Case Size 40mm 41mm
Movement Automatic Automatic
Calibre 4130 MT5813
Bezel Ceramic Aluminum
Water Resistance 100m 200m

Rolex Explorer vs Tudor Black Bay 36

The most similar watches that are comparable between Rolex as well as Tudor include The Explorer as well as Black Bay Black Bay 36. On first glance, you could confuse one with the other, which to one is good.

It is the Tudor Black Bay 36 is typically purchased by many people because they like the design that the Explorer but aren’t able to purchase one brand new or have the money to purchase one.

With an MSRP of $2950 the Tudor Black Bay 36 is an extremely high-quality, lower-cost alternative to the Explorer, which costs $6,450. Rolex Explorer.

If you compare the two watches’ appearance, there’s not that much of the distinction. Although the indices may be distinct, they appear identical. The only thing that makes these watches different most is in the movement driving the watches.

The Explorer is powered by the internal calibre 3230 that is COSC certified as opposed to the external T600 movement that powers the Black Bay 36.

The Explorer is an incredibly precise and more durable watch from the Rolex than you do from the Tudor which will to many result in the Explorer the best watch.

For a deeper analysis, refer to the Rolex Explorer vs Tudor Black Bay article.

Comparing the Explorer to the Black Bay 36

Specs Rolex Explorer Tudor Black Bay 36
Price $7,200 $2,950
Availability Rare Common
Case Size 36mm 36mm
Movement Automatic Automatic
Calibre 3230 T600
Bezel Steel Steel
Water Resistance 100m 150m

Rolex Sea Dweller vs Tudor Pelagos

The Sea Dweller and the Pelagos are both brands with deep sea divers. If you’re judging these watch solely on their specifications, then the Rolex Sea Dweller is going be the winner because of the resistant to water of 1,220 meters as opposed to the 500m on the Pelagos.

There are other features of these watches that go beyond the depth ratings. Let’s be real, very few people who own these watches are ever 50m below the surface.

In comparing the two watches without the depth rating the Tudor Pelagos matches up very effectively against Sea Dweller.

After much consideration, I think you’ll see that most watch enthusiasts like the Pelagos, because of all the good reasons. The truth is that Tudor Pelagos is an all-around tool watch, in contrast to Sea Dweller. Sea Dweller.

The Sea Dweller stacks up well on paper, but it has gone too far to the luxury watch segment. Pelagos owners are awestruck by this titanium watch since it has the style like and feels of a timepiece that can be worn everywhere doing whatever.

The Pelagos is extremely legible light, precise, and robust and the titanium is less scratch-resistant than steel.

It is right to say that although it is true that the Sea Dweller has a better depth rating and a better price, this Tudor Pelagos at $4,575 MSRP is more affordable and a great tool watch.

Comparing the Sea Dweller to the Pelagos

Specs Rolex Sea Dweller Tudor Pelagos
Price $12,950 $4,575
Availability Rare Common
Case Size 43mm 42mm
Movement Automatic Automatic
Calibre 3235 MT5612
Bezel Ceramic Titanium
Water Resistance 1,220m 500m

Rolex Day Date vs Tudor Royal

It’s going to be brief and concise, this Rolex Day Date is a significantly superior watch against that of the Tudor Royal. It is the Day Date has been a symbol of success, luxury and wealth for many years. There aren’t many watches that could compete with it. Rolex Day Date.

Tudor Royal Tudor Royal was released recently and is selling well in Tudor Authorized dealers. The design of the Royal is very classic feel, and priced at $3,350, it is a cheaper than Day Date.

It is evident that a little aspects of Rolex DNA was transferred onto the Royal but it’s not much.

However, the Royal is a great option to replace Rolex Day Date. Rolex Day Date if you’re more likely to be able to afford an expensive watch that costs $3000 than an $36k watch.

Comparing the Day Date to the Royal

Specs Rolex Day Date Tudor Royal
Price $37,450 $3,350
Availability Rare Common
Case Size 40mm 41mm
Movement Automatic Automatic
Calibre 3255 T603
Bezel Gold Gold
Water Resistance 100m 100m

Rolex Datejust vs Tudor Style

The Rolex Datejust is among the most well-known watches of all time. This collection displays elegance, style and elegance. It’s been and will remain an essential purchase for watch lovers now and in the years to be to.

However, Tudor Style, while it’s a great watch Tudor Style, even though it has a slight resemblance to the Datejust it isn’t even close with that of the Rolex Datejust.

This is simply us being truthful in our opinion and is not intended to offend Tudor enthusiasts. If you’re honest , the Datejust will win every time 100/100 times.

What is it that makes this Rolex Datejust stand out from the Tudor design is the story of the watch, the execution of the jubilee band, date function, options for configuration including 3235 calibre, the clasp design, case, and more.

Comparing the Datejust to the Style

Specs Rolex Datejust Tudor Style
Price $13,550 $3,350
Availability Rare Common
Case Size 41mm 41mm
Movement Automatic Automatic
Calibre 3235 T601
Bezel Gold Gold
Water Resistance 100m 100m

Which Is A Better Buy: Tudor vs Rolex

If you are comparing which brand is more reliable between Rolex and Tudor, Rolex is the more superior brand, and the better choice.

Rolex is a superior choice due to the excellent quality, its design and value of ownership. However, this doesn’t mean Tudor isn’t an excellent brand of watch because they’re.

Tudor produces a variety of high-quality watches that people would love to own, but they aren’t as good as Rolex. Rolex and that’s by design.

Tudor is which is owned by Rolex is manufactured strategically and priced to appeal to the entry-level market, in comparison to Rolex that is aimed towards a larger market.

Is tudor a good watch

Tudor watches are available at a significantly lower cost than Rolex models, Tudor watches aren’t worth at the same level as Rolex can offer.

There’s not any Rolex that is selling for less than new, and you can’t find one in a case with the authorized dealers.

If you buy new it is almost impossible to make a loss when purchasing the Rolex which is that’s what makes Rolex an excellent value over Tudor.

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