What Is A Boyfriend Watch? 5 Best Boyfriend Watches

What Is A Boyfriend Watch? Boyfriend watches were born from an evolution in female fashion. When Marilyn Monroe famously sported a pair of boyfriend jeans in the 1950s, a trend of masculine female clothing was created.

Since then, the man’s trend has dominated the fashion scene and has extended to jackets, jeans and cardigans. The trend has even appeared in the watch industry and many high-end watches achieving the perfect balance of masculine and feminine styles.

Learn the meaning behind a watch for a man and five of our favorite watches for boyfriends for women.

What Is A Boyfriend Watch?

A watch for a boyfriend is a feminine timepiece with masculine attributes. They tend to be feminine in specific ways, showcasing pastel colours and diamonds. However, they are also masculine in other ways, sporting huge case sizes and thick wristbands.

Why should you think about buying a boyfriend watch?

First, some people don’t like excessively masculine or feminine watches. It’s not easy finding a piece of jewelry that can embrace both styles however, male watches are created to serve a specific goal.

Additionally, some fashion watches are designed to appeal to the eye that is why they are of low quality and performance. But, men’s watches include features like large dials and chronographs that offer the practicality you’re entitled to.

In the end, if you’re one to stay on trend, you must wear the latest trends in a watch for your boyfriend. Designers worldwide are selling stunning watches for boyfriends at affordable costs, making now the best time to refresh your watches with an Chanel or BOSS creation.

5 Of The Best Boyfriend Watches

FOSSIL, Original Boyfriend Chronograph Navy Leather Watch, PS139

This Fossil man’s watch is an exquisitely contrasting color palette. On one side this turquoise skin strap is masculine and stylish. Still, on the other side its delicate gold-plated case provides the feminine touch that can’t be ignored.

In terms of the practical aspect, Fossil has blessed us with a classic timepiece that will meet all our needs in keeping time. Furthermore, more the strap of 18mm is made of genuine leather, meaning it’s durable.

COACH, Preston Sport Watch, 36mm, PS157.50

On first look, the Coach boyfriend watch seems not just feminine. The rose gold toned case is a common characteristic of watches for women as it gives a touch of class to the watch.

But, we can see masculinity in the 36mm case, as well as it’s 30m resistant to water which is sought-after among male watches. Although you can’t swim using this model, it can walk through the rain without fear that it will be damaged.

There’s never a better time to get this adorable COACH design. it’s been discounted to PS225 up to PS157.50.

BOSS, Victoria Ladies Watch, PS199

If you’re looking for a sturdy timepiece that is durable, the BOSS watches for men is for you. A lot of thought has gone into every single component used in this model including the stainless-steel watch case, to the sapphire crystal.

As usual, BOSS has made a distinctive timepiece, as apparent in its blue dial. When paired with the silver bracelet, the watch bracelet’s cool blue hue creates an irresistible class ambiance.

Larsson & Jennings, Boyfriend Mixed Rose Gold 40mm, PS169

Watches for women’s boyfriends are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, however only a few are as distinctive like these Larsson & Jennings design. The the rose-gold rectangle dial all the way to the double toned metal bracelet, each part of this watch is unique.

We love the 40mm dial due to its intense energy, but also for its environmental sustainability. It is housed in premium mineral glass. Beautiful gold tone is featured on the dial to prove the fact that it is a fact that gold cannot lose its value.

Chanel, Boy-Friend 27x35mm H04884, PS3,525

Our last favorite ladies’ watch is an authentic powerful piece. Starting with it’s Made in Switzerland brand to stainless-steel materials the timepiece is luxurious.

The palette of colors on the Chanel boyfriend watch shows that less is more. With just black as the case’s 35mm size and a leather strap, Chanel can create a watch unparalleled in its power. But, it does not look shabby and awes us with its classic date window and black spinel details on the cabochon.

Our Final Thoughts On The Boyfriend Watch

What Is A Boyfriend Watch? We hope that you understand why the men’s watch is highly sought-after. They hold onto the appeal that comes with the watches of women and add a dash of masculine power.

If you prefer a giant or smaller dial, or bold or soft colors, a watch for a boyfriend could be the perfect middle ground you require.

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