What is the crown of a watch? Uses Types & more

what is the crown of a watch? If you are looking to identify quickly the flaws in your watch it is essential to understand how the various components of a watch’s case should appear and how they work. The crown is especially vulnerable to damage since it protrudes out of the case’s sides.

To find out what a wristwatch’s crown can be and how you can repair a damaged one, read on.

Mechanical Watch Components

The focus of this article is the crowns of watches. But, it’s essential to you to be aware of all the watch components to comprehend how the crown works within the mechanical watch’s system. watch.

Here are some typical analog wristwatch components that you must know:


It is the part used to hold the dial in the right position. The most common shape is circular, but it could be oval, square, rectangular, or any other shape. The case protects it from damage, therefore it must be sturdy.


It is this component of the watch that shows the time either digitally or in an analog format. It is covered in crystal glass to protect it – typically sapphire crystal or mineral crystal.

Dials are also referred to as the front of the watch. It is available in various colors including gold, black and silver.


The ring is placed around the watch’s dial and secures the crystal to its place. Some watches have bezels that rotate, making monitoring time easier.

Watch Strap

The strap secures the watch onto your wrist. Watch straps are made of various materials, including mesh, rubber, leather and steel.


What is the crown of a watch

what is the crown of a watch? The crown is the thing we’re going to focus on this time. It’s the tiny button on the outside of a watch’s case. It is among the most vital functions for wristwatches because it permits you to alter the display of time on the watch.

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What is the crown of a watch Utilized for?

Alexander shorokhoff watch positioned on the world map
In the beginning, you can use a crown to adjust the time or set times on your watch. When you rotate the crown, the hands turn around on the clock. To accomplish that, you pull out the crown and turn till you are satisfied with the outcome.

Second, you can use watch crowns to turn mechanical watches. This is necessary since they do not produce energy from wrist movements. Also, it is possible to run automatic watches by using the crown, but it is not always necessary.

Additionally, you can adjust the functions on the dial by turning the crown. For instance, you may want to alter the moon phase, the day/date display, or even the stopwatch function.

Crown Types

various types of crowns used in watches

what is the crown part of a watch? It is evident that watch crowns differ depending on the timepiece type. Certain brands will always have specific crown styles to serve aesthetic and practical reasons. Here are some common kinds of watches’ crowns:

Crowns that are waterproof Crowns

They are useful for the water-resistant watches. With a water-resistant crown, you can take your timepiece to the shower without harming it.

Straight Crowns

Straight crowns are common on many watches since simple shapes are easy to manufacture. Some famous brands, like Rolex make use of straight crowns.

Inset Crowns

Much less complicated than straight crowns inset crowns form part of the case’s structure therefore they don’t protrude from the sides like other crowns for watches.

The Push-Button Crowns

They trigger the chronograph feature.

Screw-Down Crowns

As the name implies, you can remove the crowns that screw down if you need to turn the watch on or off, or to change the time.

Cabochon Crowns

Everyone appreciates a lavish watch design and cabochon-cut crowns are precisely the type of feature you want to have. They’re domed to the top and are adorned with a gem.

Onion-Shaped Crowns

The type of crown described above is spherical and has the texture of onions due to the indentations.

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Crown Replacement

nuts and bolts

Do you have any questions regarding crown replacements? Then you’re in the right place! We’ll answer your questions below,

Why should you get a Watch Crown Replacement?

When the watch’s crown has been damaged or broken, you can easily get it replaced at a reasonable cost. If you are looking to enhance the look of your watch and replace the crown, this can bring back the look of your watch.

How to Replace the Crown Of A Watch?

Watch repair shops take off the back of the case to remove the crown and stem from the mechanism. They’ll then replace the crown and steam with new ones and then put them back onto the case.

If you want thorough instruction on changing the crown on the watch, take an eye on our guide on restoring antique watches.

Where Can You Have Your Crown Replaced?

Watch Repair UK in Lancashire offers replacements for watch crowns for a reasonable price. If you make an inquiry on their company’s website, they will be in contact to schedule the repair.

Alternatively, you could consult Watch Surgery London, which can provide crown replacements and other well-known repair services for watches.

Cost of replacing the Watch Crown

In general, you can have a crown replacement for less than PS30.

Our Last Thoughts on The Watch Crown

what is the crown of a watch? As you can observe, the crown is important to the timepiece since it permits you to change the date, adjust the features, and wind the watch. It’s a must-have!

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