What makes monta watches different?

What makes monta watches different?

Here, we will discuss in detail What makes Monta watches different? It can be difficult for newer brands to distinguish their products from competitors. To stand out in the crowdfunded market that is crowded requires something distinctive. As a result, certain brands attempt to get your attention with a dazzling array of colors, a bizarre case shape, or an experiment in material or complication that nobody requested and (perhaps) people don’t need.

Some brands, however, commit to performing better than the competition. Although subjectivity is bound to cause disagreements among those who love watchmaking, certain practices provide a tangible benefit for the consumer. Monta is one of these brands and, with its most recent model that is that of the Monta Atlas GMT timepiece, numerous minor but important improvements to user experience are showcased.


The importance of external finishes for the enjoyment of wearers of an item cannot be overemphasized. The glossy renderings of incredibly clear transitions from brushed polished surfaces are commonplace on the Internet however, getting these items right in real life requires time and expertiseand, in reality an investment.

Monta has put money into not only the case’s finishing but the finishing of its unique three-link bracelet. Each solid link is finished with a polished, brushed edges set against polished, clean beveled edges. The result is incredible grace and effortless elegance. The strap appears and feels sturdy, yet it wears beautifully due to the angle which encases it in to the wrist.

The attention to detail is evident regarding the case’s final. It is worth noting that the Monta Atlas GMT has a 38.5mm housing (the same size as the Monta Triumph, previously reviewed on the aBlogtoWatch). The most notable feature of the case from Monta is the polished angle at each lug’s outer edge. The lugs are given an edgier design that can be seen from various angles is not an difficult job. Still, it’s an effort that the brand has taken on to stand out from other brands that are available at the same price at a certain price.

With a track record of sourcing premium parts (Monta watches are made in Switzerland, meaning that each watch is constructed and checked in Switzerland and has the Swiss movement) and generating solutions rather than trying to avoid these (the rotating bezel that is featured for Skyquest and Oceanking is a result of several patents).

Oceanking as well as Skyquest is the result of several patents, as an instance) as well as a high quality of finish, Monta hopes to be recognized as more than just simply a microbrand. Monta has far greater goals and believes that the complete product offered to customers is more valuable than the value of the products.


The brand new Monta Atlas GMT watch retails at $1,795 for the bracelet as well as $1,575 for the belts made of leather, and $1,565 on leather straps. Pre-orders are now being fulfilled with the next orders due by the 25th of October, 2019. For more information, go to montawatch.com.

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