Why Is Hublot Hated? 5 reasons

Why Is Hublot Hated?

Today, Our Best topic is Why Is Hublot Hated? Watch collectors tend to choose their favorite watches based on their tastes. They have preferences for movements and designs and what they consider to be worth the money. However, there is a shared dislike of Hublot watches within the community.

Watch collectors hate Hublot because they view the watches as too expensive, made from generic parts, and with unoriginal and gimmicky design. Collectors also dislike the brand because it doesn’t adhere to the watchmaker’s core values of quality, heritage, and reputation.

This article will discuss the various factors influencing watch collectors’ dislike of Hublot.

Why are Hublot watches hated?

Several factors influence Hublot’s dislike
Hublot’s dislike is mainly due to its designs, quality of the make, price for the currency, as well as the image of the company. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Hublot is Hated for being too traditional in design. Hublot introduced the rubber strap first, but the creation of the Classic Fusion was heavily influenced Audemars Piguet.

The brand failed to realize its USP, the rubber straps and the fusion between materials from above ground and below it – using both rubber and gold on the same watch – the ingenuity of the designs marred the brand.

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The watch’s face is designed to look like a porthole on a ship. It resembles AudemarsPiguet’s Royal Oak Jumbo Ref5042ST and the Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref3700. The brand has not been able escape this unoriginal label since then, particularly since several other watches it has released have continued to borrow from AP.

Hublot’s modern designs are also criticized for being novelty pieces that don’t fit the bill. As part of their multiple partnerships, they have many limited edition watches.

The brand presents these limited editions as a representation of its central ethos of the art and science of fusion. watch enthusiasts disagree. These designs are instead a sign of the brand’s desire to attract attention, rather than build its reputation by creating well-designed watches.

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Hublot’s parts are often criticized for being generic and not the luxury brands standard. Hublot does have its movements, as every watchmaker should. However, they are not original or used in all their watches.

Hublot’s Unico movement was successful, but many watches made by them use modified Selita movements. This is a bad practice for a luxury watchmaker.

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Reasons Why Is Hublot Hated?

This YouTube video from watch collectors Theo Harris explains more about Hublot watches’ quality movements.

Hublot refines some materials, such as ceramic and gold, but does not address the gears that keep the watches running. Hublot does not make any further adjustments to the components.

This is a sign that watchmakers care more about the form than the functionality of their watches. This is why Hublot is a dislikable brand.

Value for Money
If Hublot didn’t represent itself as a luxury brand, issues of design and movement would not be so serious.

When it comes down to the matter, watch enthusiasts expect a high level of quality. This includes thoughtful designs, in-house movements, and exclusive parts. Hublot’s visual appeal is key to grabbing the attention of watch collectors.

This strategy isn’t bad, as watch collectors want to collect unique and interesting pieces. This means they are looking for unique movements and dials that Hublot cannot provide due to the lack of originality in their designs. The watches are a poor choice for collectors, even though the designs are original.

Although watches by Hublot such as the Big Bang and Classic Fusion are perfectly serviceable, the price tag doesn’t reflect the quality of the movement. Some Rolex watches seem like bargains due to their high-quality components and movements.

why do people hate Hublot?

This YouTube video compares the Big Bang & Classic Fusion to watches with comparable or better movements.

Brand Image
The general dislike of Hublot is due to its design, quality and value for money. But, it all comes down to Hublot’s image.

Hublot is the watch of the new rich, despite the hate it is met with by many watch collectors.

Hublot’s reputation for being loud and crass has been reflected in watch collectors through its many collaborations and limited editions. Hubolt is not helped by the loud designs and the Hublot’s Art of Fusion ethos that combines rubber and gold.

Hublot’s attempts to reach people from all walks of life have not won them over as a brand, particularly with its focus on form and function.

Hublot is criticized for marketing itself as a watchmaker, when most collectors consider the brand a manufacturer of fashion watches.

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Conclusion about Why Is Hublot Hated?

Why Is Hublot Hated? Hublot’s reputation has become a hated brand that watch collectors loathe. The brand’s unoriginal and gimmicky designs, the lack of quality control on the parts, and the high price are all reasons watch collectors dislike it.

Hublot tries to attract customers, but they don’t actively focus on building their heritage or reputation with high-quality watchmaking. This is why watch collectors dislike the brand.

This is only one opinion. Hublot is a great brand!

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